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Middle Ages & Renaissance: Reenactors & SCA - The Medieval Recreation Ring is a collective of organizations, societies, groups and individuals interested in promoting

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Middle Ages & Renaissance: Reenactors & SCA

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The Medieval Recreation Ring is a collective of organizations, societies, groups and individuals interested in promoting medieval recreation (not fantasy nor RPG), on both social and educational levels, through researching history, development of personnae of those who might have lived in that era, re-learning skill and arts that might otherwise be lost to our modern society, and participation in real-life events, faires, tournaments, feasts, and the like.

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   Oakhaven Preview Go
A pretty source for many questions of the medieval and renaissance reenactment enthusiast.
   Boke of Kervynge Preview Go
This is a work in progess copy of the Boke of Kervynge co. 1508. It contains information pertaining to the carving and serving of all manner of fish, fowl, and beast. It als has information concerning the care of your sovereign from the perspective of the chamberlaine and the marshall%
   Knyght Tyme Productions Preview Go
Website of veteran faire performers Lloyd and Lisa Clark. Lloyd was 2000 World Jousting Champion.

   TherionArms Preview Go
World Antique and Fine Reproduction Arms & Armor
   Clan Wulfgard Online News Preview Go
Clan Wulfgard is a Hiberno-Saxon household active within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. We're Scots, Vikings, Welsh, English, Mongols, & Irish. We're fighters & cooks, clothiers, craftsmen, artists & artisans. We're a mercenary household whose warriors have been employed from Caid to the East Kingdom. Our sword arms may be for hire but we're se
   The Great Battles Preview Go
An in-depth analysis of some of history's great battles with a primary focus on the medieval period through to the 17th century.
   Medieval Matters Preview Go
Supplies medieval and fantasy swords, knives, shields, axes, and more.
   Eachna's 5th Century Irish-Celtic Re-Enactments Page Preview Go
Eachna's (Gwen Morse) pages are dedicated to 5th Century (AD/CE) Irish-Celtic medievalism. This includes clothing, equiping, and otherwise presenting oneself as a Celtic re-enactor from this period.
   A Marcher Lord's Reflections Preview Go
Personal thoughts and fancies of Lord Robert Cattanach of Moravia (who the internet knows as Robert Dubh Nianque).
   Rising Sun Samurai Live Action Roleplaying Preview Go
Ok its not medieval Europe, its medieval Japan..

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