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Do you need help with something related to managing a WebRing account? You can explore the many help pages listed below or ask a question in the forum.



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   What can I do from the Rings You Manage screen? Preview 1 review(s) — Go
From the "Rings You Manage" screen, you can see all the rings that you created and/or manage, as well as how the ring is faring. Alerts notifying you that you have new submissions also appear on this screen. For more details, see this page.
   Can't Find a Ring Management Function? Preview Go
Try this page to discover where to find a particular Ring Management function.
   Why isn't my ring listed on My Account page? Preview Go
There are usually two reasons why a ring you created and/or managed doesn't appear on the "Rings You Manage" page of your My Account page. One reason is an easy-to-resolve system glitch. The other, and most likely, reason is that our automated system deemed you an "absentee" manager and seized your ring. For more details, see this page.
   How do I add an image or logo to my ring hub page? Preview Go
Adding an image to serve as your ring's logo is easy. Simply click the "edit logo" link found in your ring management menu, upload your image, and then submit it. For more details, see this page.
   What do I do if I forgot my ring name or ID? Preview Go
There are a number of ways you can recover your ring's name and ID. The Rings tab of your My Account is a great place to start. For more details, see this page.
   How do I turn the checker off? Preview Go
You cannot turn the checker off, but you can turn the auto-management function off or select which sites will be auto-managed. For more details, see this page.
   How do I create a new ring? Preview Go
Creating a ring is fairly simple. Simply visit the Directory and drill down to the category in which you wish to create a new ring. There will be a tab (link) labeled "Create A Ring." Click that tab to get started. For tips and more details, see this page.
   What can I do from the Manage Members screen? Preview Go
Among other things, you can activate, suspend, and delete members' sites from the Manage Members screen of your ring. You can also check the status of each member's NavBar. For more details, see this page.
   Why has the status of some my ring's sites changed? Preview Go
It's always a surprise when you go to manage your ring's members only to discover that some have been suspended or expired, and that others you suspended are now active. This is likely because you have the ring set to "auto-manage." As a result, our automated checker will automatically change the status of your sites depending on the checker's results. For more details, see this page.

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