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Worldwide Schools of Magic - An organization to promote understanding and friendship between worldwide schools of magic. Any web-based Harry Potter R

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Worldwide Schools of Magic

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Manager: wizzywiz
An organization to promote understanding and friendship between worldwide schools of magic. Any web-based Harry Potter RPG site is welcome to join.




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   welcome to my world Preview Go
a harry potter website where you register and get sorted into a house and take classes you don't have to roleplay. roleplaying is optional.
   Sheltorage School of Magic Preview Go
An original concept of Harry Potter's Hogwarts, Sheltorage School of Magic...Welcome.
   Back to Hogwarts Preview Go
Get sorted, take part in lessons, clubs, earn house points, visit Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, get school supplies, go for drinks with friends, explore the darkest corners of Hogwarts and generally have fun. Also if you stay for long enough, you may witness a Death Eater attack and even find out that you're a descendent of one of the founders of Hogwarts and have the abilities to defeat the Dark Lord Delmorlus.

   Hogwarts United Preview Go
Join Hogwarts, make friends, become part of the magic, and, most of all, have fun! The staff and students are friendly, our plots are exquisite, and your necessary commitments are minimal!
   The Ministry Preview Go
We are a message board based school. We RP but we actually have classes and real school type settings.
   Nefer Kem Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry Preview Go
An orignal school in the the Potter-verse set in the mysterious land of Egypt! We have beautiful treasures, deadly curses, school mummies and a unique wizarding sport. Join the fun!
   Amaranth Academy of Magic-A Harry Potter RPG Preview Go
Located in Alberta, Canada, AAM is not only one of the largest schools of Magic in Canada, but one of the most diverse, with over half of the school's population being muggle-born. There is no set plot for AAM RPG-the plot is craeted as the roleplayers post.
   Amortentia Dolorosa Preview Go
Amortentia Dolorosa, the temptation to love pain, in Wizarding Latin, and a rather apt description of Pureblood feelings in 1974. Of course, whether you take it to mean schadenfreude or masochism is up to you... Players should be over 18, please.
   Ridley Academy of Magic Preview Go
For all your magical needs
   Ravenhawks' Academy of Magick & Mysticism Preview Go
Here at Ravenhawks' Academy of Magick & Mysticism we teach the student how to effectively use both Practical Magick and Practical Mysticism for every aspect of their daily life.

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