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Earthdawn Webring -   The Earthdawn Webring is dedicated to the Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) Earthdawn. Originally created by FASA

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Earthdawn Webring

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The Earthdawn Webring is dedicated to the Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) Earthdawn. Originally created by FASA Corporation.

Here you will find sites with custom character sheets, new spells, disciplines, magic items, and some great ideas for adventures!


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   Shadowwalker's Lair Preview Go
   The Dude's Earthdawn Joint Preview Go
Last updated 08/14/02. This web site is dedicated to furthering gaming materials for Earthdawn. Highlights: original art by players, new disciplines, over 100 new talent knacks, new spells, an armory, new items of legend, new creatures, new horrors, and original legends. Downloads: house character sheets and DECH, the GM combat software developed by me.
   Death's Retreat Preview Go
Famous Last Words, PBeM Campaign notes, Web books

   Slim Creeper's Little Green Site Preview Go
Original material and optional rules for the Earthdawn roleplaying game. Gamemasters, laugh cruelly. Players, quiver. Your only hope for survival: learn to juggle. It makes people happy.
   Celestial Titans Preview Go
Site based to a roleplaying group located in Danville, KY. The site is in the process of construction, which when completed will host several original ideas & artwork. Welcome to the Home of Legends....Celestial Titans
   CyanBlade's EarthDawn Page Preview Go
   Lightworker's Workshop Preview Go
"The wonders of the world are numerous, complicated and hard to put to parchement. Thus is the task of those of us working in this legendary hall of knowledge." Romik Lightworker, Scribe to the great Library of Throal
   the neXus Preview Go
Welcome to the neXus a site dedicated to the Earthdawn roleplaying game by FASA
   Earthdawn Legends Preview Go
This site is devoted to my new Earthdawn Campaign. It contains character descriptions, adventures and journals. Updated regularly!
   Al-Qadim for Earthdawn Preview Go
Converting the AD&D Arabian Adventures setting into Earthdawn.

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