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Forever... - This is a ring for writers of immortality fiction. It can be about vampires, other immortals, spirits, anything as long

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Manager: darkness
This is a ring for writers of immortality fiction. It can be about vampires, other immortals, spirits, anything as long as it lives forever. Fanfiction from connected shows (Highlander, Vampire Chronicles, Forever Knight, etc) are also accepted.

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   The Lichtenberg Files Preview Go
Vampire genre and Vampire-archetype stories - web editions of previously published stories, unsold partials presented as part of the free textbooks of the WorldCrafters Guild School of Professional Writing which is free to students.
   The Eternal Child's Spec Mailing List Preview Go
Here is Anne Rice's Claudia the Vampire child's homepage (still being updated and worked on... Hey I don't know HTML that well just yet!) and her spec mailing list... possibly to become a newsletter too. So come over and submit to the darkness.
   CoLLiDeD uNiVeRSeS Preview Go
this is a new fan fiction archive for Highlander, Buffy, Roswell, and Stargate.

   My FanFiction Preview Go
My FanFiction fantasy short stories and poetry
   Danielle's Bookshelf Preview Go
this site has a lot of fan fiction and original fiction with immortal characters. The fan fiction includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, Highlander, The Crow, Stargate (Goa'uld parasites are kind-of immortal), Star Trek (think Dax), Charmed, and many others.
   Scribbles Preview Go
We are a innovative and friendly artistic community of writers, poets, photographers and all around creative people. Just starting out but are slowly building to greatest.
   Index to Works of Jacqueline Lichtenberg Preview Go
Index to Jacqueline Lichtenberg's works This is the key index to websites containing new and reprint fiction by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, co-author of Star Trek Lives! and creator of the Sime~Gen Universe. You will also find links to fiction written by fans in her universe, with her help.
   Enchanted Nightmares Preview Go
Fictional stories of a future we all can hope will never become. Follow the adventures of the heroes who try to make a difference as they fight as dirty as the evil they are trying to stop. There is also heaps of other stuff hanging around so why not come over and indulge

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