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Excalibur - Sites that focus on topics covering Arthurian Legends, any of the main players in these and other legends, Fairies, Drag

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Manager: goddess_isisuk
Sites that focus on topics covering Arthurian Legends, any of the main players in these and other legends, Fairies, Dragons, Witches, Lords and Ladies, Knights, Courtly Love, Camelot, Wizards, Celtic Mythology, and Artwork, such as the Pre-Raphaelite. Sites do not have to cover these topics exclusively, but they should have some content that honors the Arthurian Legends, Fabulous Creatures, chilvary, history, poetry, etc. Most topics and sites will be considered.

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Blog for the novels STONE LORD and Moon Lord, which take the Arthurian legends and move them back in time...into the early British bronze age, the era of Stonehenge. Epic story but containing real archaeology, based on the most recent finds near Stonehenge--Blick Mead mesolithic site with its purple stones, and the settlement at Durrington Walls.
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My page is Irish in nature. It is about the folklore surrounding Irish Fae, and Irish myths and legends.
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Entertainment Earth offers over 4,000 new mint-condition action figures, gifts, and collectibles. Currently sells new and exclusive products from Fairies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, and other characters from around the world.

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We design a variety of Flower garlands, beaded Circlets, Crowns, Tiaras, Jesters, Jewelry, Baubles, and feather Fans for the Renaissance era as well as for role-playing games. We also make a kine of Potpourris and Bath salts. Our Bath salts are excellent for purifying onesself before any spell or ritual.
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Greetings from Glenraven! "Welcome to the magical world of Glenraven! A world of myth and legends, evil, goodness, love and revenge. Once you enter this wondrous world of ours you will never want to depart....Enjoy your stay!" Please visit the Glenraven RPG site (that is rapidly growing all the time)at: http:\\members.tripod.com\~Adrienne_4\index-2.html
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A medieval site, set in a time long ago...when knights roamed the hills and the Romance of Camelot lives on...
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Site dedicated to the honorable code of the Minbari. Babylon 5 pictures, sounds, humor,and stories.
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my site has angels, dragons, unicorns,lake applets,etc...
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Purveyors of fine Armour, Weapons, Shields, Clothing, and Accessories for Faire and Festival.
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Welcome to Under A Fae Moon, the beginning of your journey to mythical and mysterious places, the Land of Faeries, to the Sea, to Magical Forests and Medieval Castles, to Stone Circles and the Realm of the Deadly Queen Nightshade...Don't forget to read Queen Moon's Fairy Tales!

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