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The J-Pop and J-Star Circle - 場所をすべて世界中からJ ぽんと鳴らしなさい。日光及び都市ライト。Amuro Namie からMAX からのZard へのNoriko 堺への、... J

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The J-Pop and J-Star Circle

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場所をすべて世界中からJ ぽんと鳴らしなさい。日光及び都市ライト。Amuro Namie からMAX からのZard へのNoriko 堺への、... J 星の円! 来られる音楽を、だれでもある歓迎されているが促進しなさい! J-Pop sites all around the globe. Sunlight and city lights. From Amuro Namie to Noriko Sakai, from MAX to Zard...the J-Star circle! Come promote the music, anyone is welcome!

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   Brian's Amuro Namie Page Preview Go
This site is solely dedicated to Amuro Namie and nothing else. You can find FAQ, Discography, Music Review, Gallery and Artwork of The Princess of J-POP.
   ayumi hamasaki . a site for xx Preview Go
images, info, links, and lyrics related to the top j-pop artist ayumi hamasaki!!!
   -2 of Asia's Most Talented and Sexiest Idols- Preview Go
This site is dedicated to 2 of Asia's most talented and sexiest idols, Namie Amuro and Vivian Hsu.

   (^0^) Maiko's LOVELOVE KinKi Kids Page (^0^) Preview Go
based on kinki kids! (^_^) kawaii kinki kids dayo! it's got gallery's personal info etc... i try to update it everyweek or when ever i have time to... please come and visit, and fill the GB or.. the bulletin bourd! thankyou ARIGATOU!
   Jpop Jrock Trading Site Preview Go
A site for fans around the country to get in touch with each other for the means of trading/exchaning Jrock and Jpop merchandise.
   Kazu's Japanese Music Page Preview Go
This site has a Globe, B'z and X JAPAN section (most of them will be up shortly), and it has the latest CD release information. It also has my ratings and reviews of the latest songs.
   project w-inds. Preview Go
A site dedicated to w-inds. the greatest japanese pop/rap group out there. The site has lyrics, a 'how u know u are obsessed' list, profiles, images, a shrine dedicated to Chiba Ryohei, the cuttest memeber in the group, & also, MARRY A CUTE JAPANESE IDOL! Enjoy the site! ^_^;;
   The Official Unofficial Judy & Mary Singapore Fan Sit Preview Go
This site has a mission of introducing JAM's great music to Singaporeans... with profile, concert pixs and a romanji lyrics archive to all JAM songs. Also provides insights for those interested in the influence of J-Pop culture in Singapore.
   Channel Cross Preview Go
Amuro Namie, Noriko Sakai, Tokiwa Takako, Rie Tomosaka, Arisa Mizuki. etc.
   exchange zone Preview Go
A chinese hp about selling 2nd hand japanese magazine--pop beat, what'in, junon..., hk magazine jpoint, comic bks, aclub, just come and see it.

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