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My Place On The Web - Within this ring you will find family friendly sites, rings and blogs that relate to all sorts of topics     &

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My Place On The Web

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Manager: tones4cells
Within this ring you will find family friendly sites, rings and blogs that relate to all sorts of topics






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   CabalWatch Preview Go
An ode to the folly of crowds, especially those with Internet Access. Includes "A Few Innocent Mistakes": Some quasi-historical speculation about how Political Correctness took hold on the Internet during the 1990s, and what could have been done to produce better results.
   Graffiti On The Sun presents a completely random often Preview Go
The name of the blog says it all. This is a new series of badly drawn sometimes somewhat funny comic strips.
   Planet Carson Preview Go
Loads of free electronic stuff.

   Dinosaur Smack Down Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Funny Dinosaurs Pictures
   This web site has no Carbs Preview Go
at last a web site fit for the atkins diet.
   SaturnChic's Page Preview Go
Check out my webpage! It's got enough to keep you busy for YEARS. Ok, maybe not really, but it took me years to add all of this! Jokes, astronomy, HTML, NC, GA, memorials, aquariums, and lots more! Enjoy!
   Tales of the Ninja-Celt Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Welcome to the Ninja-Celt's dark lair of darkness, where dark things happen in the dark... :::bang::: "OW! someone turn on a #$%!! light!"
   Dennette's HomeBoy Page Preview Go
Most people just surf the 'Net ... a few of us make the waves! Enter the world of a pioneering mercenary in the Information Revolution. (I had an ARPANET e-mail address in 1976 :-) Before there was a name for "blogs", I was keeping my DayBooks online!
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!
   Amanda George's domain Preview Go
This is my own personal homepage... come on in and take a look!

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