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Books, writing, poetry, poems, journals, rants, diaries, thoughts, emotions, art, love, death. Nothing is perfect. Why should it be? Even a diamond is flawed on the microscopic level. If it were, the world would be terribly, terribly boring. This is a lovely little ring where the imperfections are beautiful.

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   Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Poetry, writing, novels, stories, journalism, art history, paintings and video art by Charles Alexander Moffat + Biography.
   Write Up! Preview Go
The afterthoughts of a life lived with creative vigor!
   Is Fur Dead? Preview Go
Fashion Vs Anti-Fur. Dennis Rodman Naked in Fashion Week Blitz, Paris Hilton Ambushed by an Anti-fur Activist, Pamela Anderson gives fur the cold shoulder.

   Nicky Hilton Preview Go
Smarter and Sexier than Paris: Nicky has released her own fashion line "Chick", which is a collection of clothes and handbags designed for young women.
   The Fashion Prostitution Industry Preview Go
The Fashion Industry is a Prostitution Ring in Disguise: Fashion models are in essence high-society prostitutes. Legalized prostitution for the wealthy.
   The Politics of Religion Preview Go
Religion, at this point in time, is out of style because people feel they have other things to cling to that can satisfy them to the same degree or moreso. Whether it’s excessive consumerism, better communication with family and friends or simply the emphasis we now have on New Age methods of self-reflection and pampering, it is quite clear that we have created a culture of disbelief
   The Velvet Closet of a Lesbian Love, Honor, and Trust Preview Go
What do you do when it seems to engulf you? When it seems to crowd you and your sense of thinking? What do you do when you have done all that your little heart will let you do or even think of doing that seems to be the best way to grab on to what seems…
   Sailing with Hunters Preview Go
Hardship and Humour on the Arctic fishing grounds in the 1950's
   Sopa de Pata para el alma Preview Go
espacio de libre y mordaz expresión. Aquí encontraran desde diversos estilos una oportunidad de reflexionar sobre la realidad, la sociedad, las relaciones humanas, artes y aquellos aspectos populares de la cultura general, con el toque espontaneo de sus autores. Encontraras en este Blog a modo de historias, crónicas, pequeños relatos y humor negro la realidad plasmada desde nuestra alma, opinión o sentir.
A unique journey through Vietnam

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