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Activism Through Media - Do you support the people's right to know the Truth? Then this is the Ring for YOU! If you believe people DESERVE the Tr

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Activism Through Media

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Do you support the people's right to know the Truth? Then this is the Ring for YOU! If you believe people DESERVE the Truth and the Inalienable Right of Freedom, your membership is welcome here! We welcome and appreciate any help you can provide in helping distribute the Truth and Facts to others. We do not welcome Hate, Racist, or Sites promoting any illegal activities.

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   PyraBang the Free Press Media Preview Go
Get paid for your articles, blog posts, websites and the news. We spend countless hours posting our information for others to learn, now PyraBang will pay you and we will all have a central point of news we can trust. Mainstream Media is killing this nation with lies and half truths.
   Science for Hire - You Be the JUDGE. Preview Go
Who are these pharmaceutical chemicals being tested on? They wouldn't use unknowing family members would they?
   Vaccinations and Pharmaceuticals Preview Go
The ever growing Health Industry has one goal on their minds and that is DOLLARS. Do not let your loved ones fall prey to their deceptions.

   Aspirin vs. Arginine Preview Go
Little known facts on the simple Aspirin that is so highly recommended for Heart Attack prevention. You be the judge.
   Presidential Canditates get OWIEEES Preview Go
With each minute of every day one can surely determine that someone is suffering in pain from this war. Is anyone out there awake? How could anyone cast a vote for either of these men?
   Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry Preview Go
There are main principles governing the pharmaceutical business with disease. "It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases - the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry."
   25 Top CENSORED Stories 2002 - 2003 Preview Go
Thank you to "Project Censorship" who persisted in covering these stories in spite of the Censorship of the Mainstream Media.
   General ALERT! Preview Go
SOMETHING BAD COMING IN JUNE? There are ominous signs flooding the internet that our government has foreknowledge of a major attack or disaster set to occur toward the middle to end of June.
   Message from the Director Preview Go
You may help in a mission that will prevent needless pain and suffering, we would very much appreciate it.
   The Dangers of Statin Drugs-Lipitor Preview Go
Statin drugs can cause heart failure. This is a notice to all that further research be done prior to committing yourself to use these medications.

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