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Immigration and Border Issues - A ring of websites concerned with reforming America's border and immigration policies; illegal immigration; environmenta

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Immigration and Border Issues

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A ring of websites concerned with reforming America's border and immigration policies; illegal immigration; environmental impact of immigration; welfare and social services as a magnet for immigration; and examining whether the traditional concept that "unlimited immigration is good for America" still holds true.



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   Importing Poverty: Illegal Immigration Preview Go
The affects put on society by illegal immigration.
   American Policy Regarding Foreign Workers Preview Go
Could you deny that foreign workers are like slaves? They gotta dance with the employer that brought them in...
   the story of a imigrant student Preview Go
the problems of an imigrant student the first 5 years in America

   Christian Defense Association Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Protecting and defending the society and culture of Christian America!
   News From the Border Preview 1 review(s) — Go
News and commentary regarding the U.S. - Mexico border and issues dealing with immigration and its impact on the USA from one living on the border.
   A Certain Slant of Light Preview Go
A center-right poliblog that devotes much of its focus to illegal immigration, immigration reform, and the homeland security issues that rise from our nation's porous borders.
   Congress and illegal Immigration Preview 11 review(s) — Go
The Website that brings you the latest illegal immigration News mixed with articles, Photos, commentary and in depth reports. Subscribe for free to our E-mail Alert list to receive any Breaking immigration news.
   Walls of elites Preview Go
Critique of elites who ignore issues of importance to this nation, particularly illegal immigration. Focuses on what citizens can do to create cohesive communities and stop the harm caused by illegal immigration and the actions of elites.
   Citizens Protecting Our Homeland Preview Go
A site where we discuss border safety and our rights as citizens to repel borders.
   Craig's Watch, Washington and Beyond Preview Go
Personal blog bringing attention to issues across America including immigration, foreign policy and general stupidity of politicians.

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