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Pagans & Wiccans of Illinois - Untitled document Following a pagan path? Have a pagan-related website? Residing in this state? Come join, network, and

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Pagans & Wiccans of Illinois

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Following a pagan path? Have a pagan-related website? Residing in this state?
Come join, network, and meet others of like mind! All Wiccans, Witches, Pagans,
Shamans, Druids, polytheists and followers of earth-based paths are welcome.
Craft Supply sites welcome if you live in this state. Bright Blessings!


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   treesong.org Wicca section Preview Go
This section of treesong.org describes Treesong's perspective on and experiences of Wicca. Treesong is a Witch living in Carbondale, Southern Illinois.
   Eternal Order of Shadows Preview Go
The Eternal Order of Shaows follows a very ancient tradition. Based on the basic Egyptian magick of Neteru, Ma'at, Heka, and Netra. Thelelmic studies are also part of our order. We believe that one must embrace their dark side as well as the light. For light cannot live without dark, and vice versa. We will offer open classes as well as member classes.
   Grove of the Amber Mists,South Suburban Pagan Associa Preview Go
A web page built to better serve the south chicago area.The Grove Of The Amber Mists or The South Suburban Pagan Association started in the spring of 2005. Two Friends had an idea to help the pagan community come together.With just a few basic ideas they created the yahoo group for the grove Recently the Grove has expanded and is now running the yahoo group South Suburban Drum Jam.

   Hellenic Pagan Midwest Preview Go
(The "home office" is in Chicago). A gathering place for those in living in the Central and Great Plains states in the US, with an interest in Hellenic Reconstructionism, plus a few thoughts about the direction that the Hellenic Pagan community is taking.
   Paganus Keltica Preview Go
A East-Central IL Celtic Pagan Witch's resource page with info and area stuff for the Danville IL area, and surrounding areas; an online grimoire, catagorized link section, and more. Come by and take a peek!
   Adult Illinois Pagans Preview Go
A mailing list for the discussion of sexual and other relationship topics, from a Pagan perspective. For mature Pagans only. (For those with non-adult sites who might be concerned about this, I'd like to point out that one can't get to any adult content on this site without being logged in, with an adult's Yahoo ID).
   Christo-Pagan Chicago Preview Go
Vodoun, Santeria, Mayan Traditionalism, Candomblé ... Christo-Paganism is a category of religions, mostly non-western, having something in common with "mainline" Christianity and some Pagan or Pre-Christian religion. Some are of recent origin, others go back for centuries. ChPChicago is a networking, discussion and support list for (mainly) local practitioners of these often misunderstood religions.

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