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The Feminist Cooties Webring - Remember in kindergarden how girls had cooties? And how any boy who played with the girls had cooties too? Well we are a

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The Feminist Cooties Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
Remember in kindergarden how girls had cooties? And how any boy who played with the girls had cooties too? Well we are all grown up now and we still have cooties, except now many of us are feminists and know better when we are discriminated against. We're grrls, riotgrrls, dykes and femmes with attitude. Cootie-boys and Icky grrls are together again.


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   The Rise and Demise of Women's Liberation Preview Go
A Marxist attempt to explain the decline of the women's liberation movement during the 1970s.
   CupiderosBooks.com Preview Go
CupiderosBooks.com Sales Great Modern Feminist Fiction Books and Poetry Books. Free Poetry and Prose Fiction Posted. Also Offers A Free Online Fiction Course, A Free Online Poetry Course And Lots of Shopping Places.
   American Catastrophes: Preview Go
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit at All Time High.

   The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm Preview Go
Whenever female orgasm and frigidity are discussed, a false distinction is made between the vaginal and the clitoral orgasm. Frigidity has generally been defined by men as the failure of women to have vaginal orgasms. Actually the vagina is not a highly sensitive area and is not constructed to achieve orgasm. It is the clitoris which is the center of sexual sensitivity and which is the female equivalent of the penis.
   The devil and the deep Holy See Preview Go
What gives the Vatican the right to speak as a state opposed to equality for women, asks former nun Joanna Manning.
   Women's Hair Preview Go
Shaving Your Head & Other Fun Things
   Gay Comic Book Heroes Preview Go
WHY IS THERE NO LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL COMIC BOOKS HEROES (HEROINES)? I think there would be a much larger market out there for it. Afterall, even the straight guys would read it. As the resident bi person at this website, I could really go for a femme fatale bi comic book heroine.
   2020: Social, Economic and Technological Change Preview Go
Educated Predictions of the Future Based on Current Events & Technology: Overpopulation, water shortages, global warming, mp3s, hydrogen cars, the New Pill, the spread of HIV/AIDS and more.
   Queer Women and Religion Preview Go
Written by Lilith Adler. For the past few years, an international political movement has sought to deprive homosexuals of basic civil rights all over the world. In the United States, this became evident after Hawaii considered legalizing gay marriage. It seemed that every state in the Union scrambled to enact just-in-time legislation to ensure that a queer marriage recognized in one state would be null and void elsewhere.
   Mary with Brass Knuckles Preview Go
The student who played Mary was a vibrant, self-confident young woman. Dressed in punk style, she sported a ring in her nose and a crown of short pink hair. Afterwards, I commented that I thought her portrayal of Mary might have been a tad too aggressive. She looked me straight in the eye and responded, "But this Mary has brass knuckles!"

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