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Historical Fiction Sites - A ring entirely devoted to historical fiction. Author home pages, historical fiction reviewers, and other sites that sel

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Historical Fiction Sites

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Manager: theodora_maffat
A ring entirely devoted to historical fiction. Author home pages, historical fiction reviewers, and other sites that sell and/or promote the genre are welcome.

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   Historical Fiction Critique Group Preview Go
Historical Fiction Writers
   Women Warriors Preview Go
Has my Historical Novels listed as well as information and links to Women Warriors in History such as Mulan, Queen Boudicca, Joan of Arc and many more.
   Author Barbara Korsness Preview Go
My historical novels, links to history, art, and music.

   Of Heroic Destiny: The Journal Preview Go
Short novel. Epic historical thriller about rise of Nazi Germany. A Swedish SS officer opposes Third Reich policy and attempts to change it anonymously. Educates about necessity of liberty and free enterprise for world peace. Many adventures and travels. Norse Witches, hip musicians, secret societies, high Nazi officials, Nuremberg Rallies, free enterprise historical insights.
   BOOKPOODAH looks at James A. Michener Preview Go
A list of James Michener's books with reviews and links to Amazon.com
   The Book Babe Preview Go
I LOVE to read and share my passion for good books with others. I enjoy meeting other avid readers who often direct me to new titles and new authors. My blog is all about providing a forum for those who love books...and those who love writing them.
   Books by Ramon Harris - History Mystery Fantasy Preview Go
Meet Laura Kahl, a computer executive with a baffling 140 year-old mystery on her hands. Laura, the alleycat Watson, and assorted felons are about to mix it up in HIDING TREE. Oh, I forgot about Lockwood Allegro DeForest: traitor, murderer, Medal of Honor winner, and retired rich-guy. Repulsive video-magazine host Leonard Lavendar is about to unravel Alís secret in ALLEGROíS SECRET.
   Forge of Creation Preview Go
The Annunukai came from the stars and colonized the Earth, but they were divided and made war against one another until their society was destroyed. All of mankind's religions and legends are based on their influence, and they still walk among us...
   Adele's Les Miserables Website Preview Go
An unoffical website - by a cast member - about a production, at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, England, of Tim Kelly's stage adaptation of Les Miserables - note this is not the musical.... :) The play is by the amateur group The Western College Players. Site contains fanfic.
   Young Heroes of History - by Alan N. Kay Preview Go
A ten book series of historical novels for young adult readers that is readable and fun! These adventure packed books are told through the eyes of the children in one extended family living through the time of the US Civil War. Young Heroes of History books are written by Alan N. Kay, an award-winning history teacher. Come visit our site and learn how you can help your kids get hooked on history!

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