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The Archaeology & Mythology Webring - The webring is for sites that focuses on Historical Archaeology and Ancient Mythology. We are dedicated to the research,

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The Archaeology & Mythology Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
The webring is for sites that focuses on Historical Archaeology and Ancient Mythology. We are dedicated to the research, education as well as the publication of Historical Archaeology, as well as mythology associated with those ancient societies. Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, African, Nubian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Arabic, Mesopotamian, Basque, Inca, Mayan, Aztec.

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   Myth Preview Go
Mythology -- worldwide. Including numerous texts not elsewhere available on the free internet.
   The Legends & Labours of Heracles Preview Go
The twelve labours of Hercules plus historical sculptures & art of the Greek Hero.
   genessa -- prometheus, and penelope Preview Go
Not a story about Prometheus meeting Penelope! A short story about Prometheus, and then a short poem about Penelope, both by GENESSA's Lady G.

   Greek Zodiac Signs Preview Go
The word zodiac comes from the Greek word zodiakos, which means circle of animals.
   Chinese Zodiac Signs Preview Go
According to Chinese legend, the twelve animals quarreled one day as to who was to head the cycle of years. The gods were asked to decide and they held a contest: whoever was to reach the opposite bank of the river would be first, and the rest of the animals would receive their years according to their finish.
   Loki the God of Mischief Preview Go
Loki the god mischief in legend, comics, song, opera and movies a site compiling the knowledge of many websites in one place.
   Apollo Preview Go
The Greek God of Light and Prophecy - Info, paintings and sculptures.
   Norse Myths and Legends Preview Go
Some legendary and semi-legendary kings and queens, princes and princesses, dragon slayers and villains, magicians and troubadours that have made their alleged appearances in our family trees.
   Mythology of the North Preview Go
Appropriate for Asatru or Wiccan studies. Tables of correspondences for Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Norse Pantheons. Includes Planets, Zodiac. Useful to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians. Comprehensive text on Magick. Tables for gemstones, divinations, magickal implements and procedures, Elder Futhark Runes. Rituals for every purpose.
   Henry Fuseli & William Blake Preview Go
Masters of Gothic Romanticism: Romantic art by Henry Fuseli and William Blake.

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