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Hurricane and Disaster Relief--Calling All Angels!

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DISASTER VICTIMS, SUFFERERS, HELPERS, AU PAIRS, MEDICS, EMTS, DOCTORS AND NURSES, THE PEACE CORPS, AND THE RED CROSS--TAKE NOTE! Do you like to do good works? Are you affiliated with a church, temple, mosque or other such private or public organization? This webring promotes the sites of concerned people who are involved with people in great financial and medical etc. need, plus the sites of those suffering such problems themselves. Right now, we are mostly helping disaster victims aid relief. Please do what you can to help spread the word, checks, cash, medical supplies, fresh water and probably canned food out to the surviving victims of the usual forces of nature's fury and the general economic dilemmas of many other such victims. Also, we are perfectly willing to promote help and assistance for any other worldwide disasters and problems, and we still take individuals who simply need financial or some other assistance of some kind.

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   Calling All Angels Preview Go
I have had some unbelievably unfortunate luck in the past few years and it has left me in financial difficulty. I am looking for new and old friends who are able top provide help and support.
   I'm sorry, if I'm wasting your time! Preview Go
I had an accident at work that required knee surgery. No one wants me to work for them because I am still learning to walk, again. I was left to fend for myself. No job. On the brink of becoming homeless. Please, help if you can.
   Please Help Us Help Our Children! Preview Go
A family of 4 trying to make it on very little while giving our two children what they need.

   Free Cash for Gail Preview Go
Gail is a Spaniel with Cancer. Her owner is out of work and the bills are piling up. For as little as one dollar YOU can help!
   Help My Angel's In Need Preview Go
Help if you can I have Fibromyalgia, sever nerve and muscle damage n my lower back and legs with this I am disabled. I can not walk most of the time I need to use a wheelchair but I do not have one and I have no strength in my arms either from the disease so my bills are climbing and I can not get around please help if you can or say a prayer for us Thank-you!
   Please Help a Struggling Single Mom! Preview Go
Please help a single mom make ends meet and stay in school! Help me help myself and one day I will pass the buck!
   Help Tom and Lori Preview Go
Medical and personal bills piling up. Please help us to pay them off.
   Please help an HIV victim Preview Go
I didn't cheat on my husband or use injection drugs. I'm a good girl. I got infected from something I didn't even know could infect me. I do not want to be in debt because of medication. Please donate.
   The ORIGIN of Mother's Day Preview Go
The original Mother's Day Proclamation was made in 1870. Written by Julia Ward Howe, perhaps best known today for having written the words to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in 1862 when she was an antislavery activist, the original Proclamation was an impassioned call for peace and disarmament.
   The Credit Card Challenge Preview Go
Help me erase my credit card debt. Also, get great freebies and sign up for sweeeptakes as well.

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