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Yaoi and Yuri - We are open minded, and we really love Yaoi and Yuri. This ring was created to support Y 'n' Y

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Yaoi and Yuri

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We are open minded, and we really love Yaoi and Yuri. This ring was created to support Y 'n' Y


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   Ashray's Corner Preview Go
A small site with my FanFictions; Humor, Yaoi and Insanity, with some Romance and Fluff, but most important: SLASH! This is a warning, there is Boy on Boy, in various ratings! For now with Saiyuki, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ!Movie) and Grimm,
   Lover's Highway: Entrance gate Preview Go
A GW Romance site for both yaoi and non-yaoi fans. It includes images, fanfiction, evidence, essays, and much more.
   Din of Insane Noises Preview Go
absolutely loves Omi from Weiss Kreuz, but also has fanfiction about all of the WK guys and GW. welcomes submissions

   Knight Hunters aka Weiss Kreuz aka Weiß Kreuz Preview Go
When the moon rises, the four young men of Weiss become the most vicious assassins the world has ever seen. The team consists of Aya, a somber and silent type, Ken, a wide-eyed former athlete, Omi, a young computer specialist, and Yohji, a suave ladies man. Charactor pics, links to charactor bios.
   Yaoi Source Preview Go
Yaoi reviews, commentary, and announcements!
   Yuri no Meikyu Preview Go
All stories and translations are subject to
   Perfect Shrine Preview Go
Yaoi site (french) : 1x2x1 Heero Yuy & Duo Maxwell : fanfictions, fanarts, galeries, wallpapers, forum...
   Gundam Wing Yaoi Heaven Preview Go
A GW yaoi site that is a gathering site for links to other GW yaoi sites. Our goal is to have a link to every GW yaoi site out there someday. With over 500 already, we're growing fast. Come and visit!!
   In Love With Death Preview Go
French *and* english fics 2x1x2, doujins (japanese), fanarts, pictures, sound shots from dvd, and lots of others funny things ! ^^ (site in french only)

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