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The Healing Circle - This ring is for those who help others heal - to put things right that once went wrong and move people, animals, the wor

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The Healing Circle

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This ring is for those who help others heal - to put things right that once went wrong and move people, animals, the world and themselves into the direction of the Even Flow.


This includes emotional healing, mind healing, physical healing, energy body healing, spiritual healing, inner child healing and healing therapies.

We invite all healers of mind, body and spirit to join THE HEALING CIRCLE.


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   Ahtello Spiritual Art Gallery Preview Go
Positive, healing and spiritual art gallery, very colorful, presenting spiritual art by the swedish spiritual artist Ahtello, and the chinese-singaporean artist Ange Quan. Healing and spiritually uplifting paintings and poems.
   Frank DiFilia, MSSc - Gestalt Psychotherapist Preview Go
This is the website of Frank DiFilia, a gestalt psychotherapist with practices in New York City and Montclair, New Jersey.
Catīs Claw is a 100% natural herbal healing aid,that the natives been in use of in their trad.Medicine in ages.We promote Catīs Claw forleading Manuf/Lab in Peru .The Brand Vibe-Ashaninka is a joint venture whereby the Ashaninka Communities receive 50% of generated sale of this product for to help and restore the hardships theyīve been going through .Thank you for your time and feel

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The Cauldron on the Hearth is a resource for women's spirituality and the Goddess. My fibromyalgia page presents information on healing in terms of alternative and spiritual therapy.
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Feminist pagan and shamanic, Reiki, spiritual, and natural healing
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A place to come and experience the power of Spiritual Healing. Submit your healing requests and/or assist in the healing of others.
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PATHS - Mind Energetics - Programming the Subconscious to achieve Conscious Goals. This site is dedicated to information on this remarkable new technology, how it works and what it can do for you - questions welcome. xxx
   Healing The Pain Of Child Abuse Now! Preview Go
NEW methods and techniques for child abuse survivors to help heal emotional pain, mental pain and injuries sustained because of child abuse. Created by child abuse survivors for child abuse survivors. All welcome.
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My Training and Ordination for Reiki Ministry, Reiki Ordination, Reiki Church
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Energy Healing, EFT, EmoTrance - Ways to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, destress and enjoy life.

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