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Yaoi and Bishonen Sites - Sites about Yaoi and Bishonen

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Yaoi and Bishonen Sites

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Sites about Yaoi and Bishonen


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   Ashray's Corner Preview Go
A small site with my FanFictions; Humor, Yaoi and Insanity, with some Romance and Fluff, but most important: SLASH! This is a warning, there is Boy on Boy, in various ratings! For now with Saiyuki, Yugioh, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Sherlock Holmes (the RDJ!Movie) and Grimm,
   Haruka's story Preview Go
warning: mature audiences a unique coming of age story, where a young girl truly discovers who she is, and what it means to be true to one's self, even if she becomes a boy. follow her young life as she discovers that being a boy is much more challenging than it seems. and the growing relationship of her and her best friend as they travel this new journey together. the continuing struggles they face when they realize that both of them being boys is not what they imagined at all.
   Pixelgoddess' Closet Preview Go
A complete collection of Pixelgoddess' Dragonball Z yaoi fanfiction and the artwork it has inspired. Focus is mainly on DBZ's Goku and Vegeta, but there are other pairings. Complete doujinshi scans as well.

   Okashina Okashi Preview Go
What can I say about the site? Hmm... Yaoi, bishies, fics, pics and originals... That sums it up! Along with other quirks of my personality... Guaranteed to amuse the yaoi fan in everyone. ^_^ Stop on by and check it out!
   Fragments of a dream Preview Go
Yaoi site featuring fanfiction and fanart from Slam Dunk, Gravitation, Chrono Cross, and others, including original works. Feel free to submit as well~! ^_^
   Joey the hero Preview Go
A beginner site about Joey
   Perfect Shrine Preview Go
Yaoi site (In french)on Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell shrine : fanfiction, fanarts, galery, forum, video, doujins, e-mail cads 1x2/2x1...
   A Clash of Blades Preview Go
A Weiss Kreuz page dedicated to the pairing of Fujimiya Ran and Farfarello. *Yaoi* Includes fanart and fic, links, info and other stuff to.
   Mixed Emotions Preview Go
Devoted to my personal yaoi obsession, with rantings, wallpapers, my favorite pairings, and my three yaoi stories.
   .sin.is.sweet. Preview Go
a place for ffvii yaoi, doujinshi, galleries, fanart, fanfics, polls and more! ^_____^~

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