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The Punk Grrl Webring - Webring for punky RIoT GrRRL sites. Are you a punk? Are you a grrl? Are you a riot grrl? Are you a closet-feminist? Are

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Webring for punky RIoT GrRRL sites. Are you a punk? Are you a grrl? Are you a riot grrl? Are you a closet-feminist? Are you an in-your-face kinda feminist / grrl? All or most of the above? JOIN! Bad-ass-grrls with attitude, that is what we are all about. Freedom.

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   In Diabolical Stereo Preview Go
My personal site with articles, poetry, quotes, links, reviews, (eventually), news, art, and lyrics.
   Sports, Corsetry, and the Empowerful Woman Preview Go
This modern preoccupation with the Empowerful Woman was funny for a while, but it begins to wear thin. I allude to the confident, photogenic, entirely fictitious female who inhabits TV ads, “Sex in the City,” Oprah, and the popular imagination. Today’s woman isn’t a feminist. She doesn’t need to be, because she’s empowered.
   Censored Songs Since September 11th Preview Go
The following songs (everything from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley to Green Day) have been censored from radios since September 11th.

   1001 Feminist Quotes Preview Go
"I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament." -Alanis Morissette. "Women belong in the House... and the Senate." "Never let the hand you hold, hold you down." -Authors Unknown.
No, SERIOUSLY! Are you afraid of my breasts? Do my breasts do something so culturally significant that people are afraid of seeing them?
   Lilith Adler at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Lilith Adler died in December 2000, but her artwork remains online as a permanent collection of her political, social and feminist artistic views. She remains a controversial artist for the history books.
   Gay Comic Book Heroes Preview Go
WHY IS THERE NO LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL COMIC BOOKS HEROES (HEROINES)? I think there would be a much larger market out there for it. Afterall, even the straight guys would read it. As the resident bi person at this website, I could really go for a femme fatale bi comic book heroine.
   Pyroterrorism in California: A Sad State of Affairs Preview Go
It has begun... the United States is burning down.
   Video Art by Charles Alexander Moffat Preview Go
Political, feminist and gothic art/music videos by Moffat. Download the three videos, listen, watch and enjoy.
   Dick Supports Gays! Preview Go
DAVENPORT, Iowa—U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney has spelled out his differences with President George W. Bush on the volatile issue of gay marriage while making his most revealing public comments yet about the sexual orientation of his lesbian daughter.

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