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Groups, Rings, Forums And Things - A ring for interactive communities that bring people with common interests together. Examples include: Webrings; message

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Groups, Rings, Forums And Things

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Manager: frogblog
A ring for interactive communities that bring people with common interests together. Examples include: Webrings; message boards/forums; chatrooms; and communities/groups such as those on Yahoo and MSN.


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   Reticulation - Dr. Mark A. Foster's Social Network Preview Go
This page connects to the various message boards I operate on CompuServe (and elsewhere), the WebRings I operate (with customized navbars), my chat room on PalTalk, and paging information.
   SkiffyNova Preview Go
An online community dedicated to pets,superheroes, comic books,RPG,costuming, science fiction, paranormal topics and general discussions. Community members also write superhero and science fiction-themed fan-fiction, short stories, poetry and share thoughts and critiques, fan-art and any creative concepts.
   The Stumbleupon and eBay groups on Flickr and Google Preview Go
Independently run groups, not officially affiliated with eBay, Stumbleupon or any of their subsidiaries, for discussion of matters arising with use of these two social networking sites. Entry is through Webring Webspace, where the rules are explained and yes, there is a clear path back to the ring.

   BRC Independence and the ePlaya fireback group Preview Go
A yahoogroup and a googlegroup in tandem, for those who'd like to create their own events that get back to more of what Burning Man used to be about, returning the focus to the art.
   Storm Nights Preview Go
We point out the taboos,social activities,lifestyles, etc and we ask questions to all parties on what they think of the subject and they interact if they wish. We have categories for just about anything really =/
   Dissatisfied Customers of the Green Tortoise Preview Go
"Dharma and Greg", this isn't. A ring for those telling the other side of the story of the "legendary hippy tour line" - one of abusive treatment of customers, fraud, baiting of the handicapped and much more, including the story of the man they left begging for food in the middle of a desert. If this is "peace and love", then please give me war.
   Green Tortoise Fans and Alternatives Preview Go
Two completely unofficial groups: One for those wanting to get to Burning Man on the Green Tortoise and another for those wanting to get there by other means. Also, an essay about the significance of the Green Tortoise as an unintentional ideological dividing line in the Burning Man community.
   Texifornia Chat Preview Go
A place where Texans living in California and Californians living in Texas can come to chat about the culture shock. (Transplants from other states welcomed too).
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!
   Agnes' sites and rings:art,culture,hobby, travel, ++ Preview Go
I'm interested particularly in art,culture,creativity and computer.I'm member of 1000+ webrings,webmistress and ringmistress of sites about fine art,culture,religion, hobbies, kids,women,cats,computer,travel and more...On my private site I publish my digital artwork, translations,and more. See my sites,join my rings!Guestbook,link exchange.

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