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Green Energy - Looking for information on alternative sources of energy like wind and solar? Then you've landed in the right community.

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Green Energy

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Looking for information on alternative sources of energy like wind and solar? Then you've landed in the right community. Our members provide information on the benefits, technologies, and implementation of green energy.

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   How To Retire in an Energy Efficient Home Preview Go
Five practical steps for living in an energy efficient home.
   Passive Solar Home Plans Preview Go
Efficient use of the sun's energy is not necessarily a modern phenomena. Many centuries ago the Anasazi Indians of Southern Colorado found a way to capture the oblique rays of a winter sun.
   EnergieVair, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels Preview Go
EnergieVair is a supplier of wind turbines and solar panels that export their products worldwide. They offer plenty of models of vertical wind turbines and horizontal wind turbines, solar panels, inverters and all you will need for your renewable energy system. If you want an independant system with batteries, or even if you want to grid-tie your wind turbines and solar panels to lower your electric bills, EnergieVair will help you! They offer a wide choice of good quality products.

   Solar Battery Chargers Preview Go
Solar Battery Chargers for your Car, Auto, Motorcycle, 12 volt, 6 volt, and more, RV, Cell Phone and Boat Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers for Small Batteries, AA-AAA, D, C.
   Wind Generators Preview Go
On this page you will find wind generators and turbines for sale, Including Bergery Kestrel brands. Also find books to build your own wind generator for your home, home made, best, DIY, how to plans, make a wind generator, homemade, kits, marine, small, used, homebuilt, residential wind generator.
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!
   Sustainable Energy Preview Go
Energy for our homes is currently provided by the polluting fuels which profiteering corporations commandeer from our common inheritance to sell back to us in return for our labour. Switching to immediate and sustainable energy will preserve the planet for our children.

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