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The Green Dragon Tavern WebRing - Many years ago, men of strong mind, strong will and strong character used to meet in an old tavern.  Coming together sec

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The Green Dragon Tavern WebRing

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Many years ago, men of strong mind, strong will and strong character used to meet in an old tavern.  Coming together secretly, and often late at night, they met upstairs in the Long Room.  Here ... they planned the destiny of our country ... and plotted the course of freedom which we now sail.  Today, our country reels once more under the oppressive hand of the government, and the intrusive crimes of their officers, their judges, their taxes ... and their partners in crime ... the press

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The New Federalist believes that the Federal Government is taking away our rights, our property, and our wealth and that the United States is now two countries. One side is socialist and government while the other side believes in capitalism and the republic that the founding fathers gave us. Socialism and republican self-government cannot exist in the same place and time and sooner or later the issue will have to be decided. The only alternative to revolution is a peaceful secession dividing the United States with each side going its own way. This website represents my blueprint for peaceful secession, a new Constitution for seceding States based on the best of the United States and Confederate Constitutions, and other clauses collected from the internet and outside research. I fear that unless we return to the Republic that the Founding Fathers gave us or freedom
   Thomas Jefferson's Homepage Preview Go
A website for the writings and thoughts of Thomas Jefferson.
   Deception Connection, By: Counselor 52 Preview Go
This site is dedicated to allowing the public whom has been asleep for many years to understand the deceptions of all avenues of government and how statutory laws are simply unconstitutional.

   The Conservative Diner Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the American men and women who have answered the call to duty and served with selfless distinction, regardless of risk to life or property. Bless you and know that our prayers are with you always.
   Quotidian Acumen Preview Go
Sober essays and provocative articles on Current Events, Politics, Foreign Policy, Markets, Media, Law, Education, Culture, Society, Philosophy and Religion. With original articles by SARTRE on the 'Strappado Wrack', the 'View from the Mount', Global Gulag, the 'Dueling Twins', Varying Verity and Solitary Purdah.
   The Brothers for Mercy Preview Go
The Brothers for Mercy is an order of Christian activists. We support rescission of numbers and defending those who would be unlawfully imprisoned.
   Liberty Activists Preview Go
Educate agitate organize for Freedom in our Lifetime. A new Action each month. Recommended by Harry Browne and Claire Wolfe.
   Mr. Mix confederate webrancho! Preview Go
Russia's best country music performer - Mr. Mix! His life, his music, his strong addiction to CSA.
   Biography of AMH1(AW/NAC) Mark W Felhofer, US Navy, ret Preview Go
Navy career, politics, and stuff
   Marietta Pennsylvania Militia Lancaster County PA Preview Go
Marietta Pennsylvania Militia, Lancaster County PA, Preserving, Protecting, and Defending Marietta Pa. Enforcing the laws of the Union (the Constitution). Suppressing insurrections and Repeling invasions. Protection of the Rights of the Citizens to Protect themselves, Family, Community and Country.

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