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The Delphic Oracle - For sites about ancient Greek and/or Roman religion, mythology, culture, philosophy, and related history. We are especia

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The Delphic Oracle

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Manager: theodora_maffat
For sites about ancient Greek and/or Roman religion, mythology, culture, philosophy, and related history. We are especially interested in sites that promote a reconstructionist approach to ancient religion. All interested are encouraged to apply.


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   Clio: Women in Mythology, Religion and Herstory Preview Go
This site contains such chapters as "Goddesses," "Muses," "Amazons," and "Women and Religion." Rather than basic biographical information, as one can find in any dictionary, I have chosen to write stories about these Goddesses and women.
   Zeleia's Greek Mythology Preview Go
Original mythological romance fiction and links to ancient world and Greek mythology sites.
   Greek mythology Preview Go
Info on some of the more famous gods and goddess from greco-roman mythology.

   Hellenic Pagan Midwest Preview Go
A gathering place for those in living in the Central and Great Plains states in the US, with an interest in Hellenic Reconstructionism, plus a few thoughts about the direction that the Hellenic Pagan community is taking.
   The Temple of Asklepios Preview Go
Site devoted to Asklepios, the Greek god of healing.
   Startoluv Preview Go
Greek Paganism, Philosophy, freethinking. Eraclito, Nietzsche, Nonno di Panopoli. Dionysis, universal love, sexuality, friendship.
   Mike R. Vosper, Coins. Preview Go
We buy and sell ancient coins including Celtic, Greek, Roman and Hammered together with 17th Century Tokens and other Numismatic related items. There are interesting articles about Numismatic related topics such as, Henry III Class 5d's, Durotriges & Groats. We supply books and storage for your collection and provide links to other web-sites that we feel may be of interest.
   captivate: greek mythology Preview Go
not merely regurgitating the same old stories, i aim to delve into the finer points of greek myth, including the etymological and somewhat societal nuances...
   Tales of the Immortal Night Preview Go
Tales of the Immortal Night: the Greek Myths of the Constellations and Photographs of the Galaxies takes you on a magical odyssey of the cosmos. Go outside tonight, find a constellation and read it's myth or tour the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs. Your relationship with the night will be changed forever.

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