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The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness - All Explorations of the Multiversal System of the Grand Universe through Physics, Quantum Theory, Spirituality and Philo

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The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness

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Manager: theodora_maffat
All Explorations of the Multiversal System of the Grand Universe through Physics, Quantum Theory, Spirituality and Philosophy are Welcome in this Theory of Everything - Philosophy of Science Webring, provided they are Logically Supported and Tastefully Prepared. ~~ WE HELP ASPIRING NEW AUTHORS GET KNOWN.

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   Transdisciplinary Comparative Studies Preview Go
Multiversal System of the Grand Universe through Physics, Quantum Theory, Spirituality and Philosophy: Theory of Everything - Logically Supported and Tastefully Prepared. Tabularly arranged comparisons of sequences from physics, metaphysics, and theologies. Amply referenced, with much information not available elsewhere on the internet.
   The Scribe Works Preview Go
An emerging metaphysical author's website concerning spiritual transformation from an adopted woman's perspective.
   Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace Preview Go
Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace. Read my articles on a wide variety of subjects including physics, mathematics, biology, history, and mythology.

   BAHARI WAKATI: Nyeusi Nafsi Version Preview Go
Witness the creation of the most Worldwide group of fictional heroic characters now in futuristic mode. From the Ancient Chinese Dynasties, the Nubian Empire, the Aztec & Mayan Civilizations, etc, they are all brought together in one artistic project, keeping their uniqueness.
   Sime~Gen Universe Householding Register Preview Go
Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime-Gen Universe Householding Register
   Let There Be Light: A New Theory of Photons & Matter Preview Go
A new theory set forth by Dr. Jim Lawler seeks to solve the many problems with current quantum theories. His model for sub-atomic particles and space-time is a whole new paradigm. The photon is defined as being not one particle or a wave, but two smaller particles in orbit. All other subatomic particles are then made of these pairs, defining all mass, literally, as light.
   Why Is There Anything At All? Preview Go
This website tries to provide a bold answer to an ancient question: Why is there anything at all? Everything is relative. Reality is utterly self-defining and self-supporting. All things come from one great Source: a single, infinitely massive, Universal Oneness or Wholeness.
   The Dimensions of Living Preview Go
A bold essay on the way dimensions affect our lives. Each dimension is described level by level right up to the seventh dimension (pure consciousness) and beyond.
   The Science of Spirituality Preview Go
This is a technical outline of a spiritual philosophy of science based on a five-dimensional vortex theory. It demonstrates the scientific or objective reality of our life as a spiritual journey. The birth of an atom, a thought or idea, a human baby or a star, all follow the same hidden energy pattern.
   Seven Steps to Trtuth of Nature - Grand Unification Preview Go
The Central Reality of nature, its unity and quantum cyclic existence is discovered on a new foundation to science. It explains everything about nature sensibly and brings out the Grnad Unified Knowledge that is essential for the survivial of Humanity. The secret of Quantum Reality is explored in depth

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