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Freedom Of Speech -   Freedom of Speech: These web sites support and promote the fundamental human right of freedom of speech as recogn

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Freedom Of Speech

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Manager: childfreeman1962

Freedom of Speech: These web sites support and promote the fundamental human right of freedom of speech as recognized in the Constitution of the United States of America. Freedom of speech is one of the greatest freedoms that Americans have. Not granted by the Constitution, but recognized by it as a primary right, freedom of speech is continually under attack by government and authority. These web sites remind each of us that preserving one of the most precious human rights is a critical responsibility of our citizenship.



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   The True World Preview Go
Only in beginning stages, dealing with everything including the history of Templars and masons, illuminati, the 8 families, n.w.o., evil in the vatican, sunworship, the bible even to Planet X.
   ChildfreeMan1962's Web Site, A True Childfree Man Preview Go
Contains: My web rings. My Disavowal of Christianity Letter and my Disavowal of Unitarian Universalism (UU) Email; Evolution Weekend and Darwinmas Eve/Darwinmas Day. The childfree definition; The Childfree or Not Childfree Test; The Childfree Women's Weekend, Childfree Men's Weekend and Childfree Pride Weekend. Personal information. My photography (Night photos, Holiday Lights photos, Snowstorm photos, Washington - Whidbey Island photos that include Langley photos and Clinton photos, soon: Washington - more of Whidbey Island, Mt. St. Helens, my garden, etc., Maryland, California, Oregon, Italy - Mt. Etna, Sicily, Pisa, Northwest Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, etc., and sunsets, sunrises, lightning, fireworks, birds, insects, etc.) (1962; Island County, WA)
   spinbadz own Preview Go
"Keeping speech bullies at bay, and bastards honest." Political punditry, focusing on international affairs, from a conservative libertarian standpoint.

   My Journey to Submission Preview Go
my journal/journey as a submissive
   Reluctant Cowgirl - Burrs In My Saddle Preview Go
20-something woman exercises her rights to free speech with a regularly updated article - her "Burr in My Saddle" of the week.
   Freedom, Joy, and Adventure Preview Go
We are enthusiastically pro-joy, pro-freedom, pro-adventure, pro-gun. The United States Constitution is sacred to us. Therefore, we support Ron Paul for President in 2008.
   The Giant Otter Preview Go
Blog by Ari Rabin; student, graduate. Topics covered include religious studies, current events, Jewish affairs, the Middle East, Israel, history, moderate politics, media bias, anti-Semitism, terrorism, and Islamic extremism. The Giant Otter is a bastion of anti-Idiotarian analysis.
   Meanstuff1 Preview Go
Are you a Right Wing Conservative who is sick to death of all the liberal whining going on? Well this is your place then. Kick back, let your hair down and relax. And let's try and figure out what to do about everything they keep screwing up. The gloves are off. This is political discussion and chat. No holds barred.
   Hop around with HoppnRoo Preview Go
Defy Logical Explanations....
   Rising Sun Samurai Live Action Roleplaying Preview Go
Live action roleplaying by a group from Devon, England..

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