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FM, CFIDS & Related Syndromes - The Fibromyalgia ring exists to encourage the growth of knowledge among those who suffer from FM anyone who is intereste

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FM, CFIDS & Related Syndromes

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Manager: vitamvas
The Fibromyalgia ring exists to encourage the growth of knowledge among those who suffer from FM anyone who is interested in finding or sharing information. We often share our personal struggles, our "coping strategies", and medical info that we have come across in doing personal research. No business or MLM sites. Business & MLM sites, please join the CFIDS Business Sites Ring.

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   Anne Red's Fibromyalgia Page Preview Go
Anne Red's Fibromyalgia Page discusses FMS, some of the causes being researched, coping tips, ideas for things to help relieve the pain, links, survey and more
   Theresa's Web Page Preview Go
I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then Lyme disease. This is a page of my personal interests.
   Fibromyalgia and Back Pain Preview Go
#1 Back Pain site provides information about Fibromyalgia, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Fibromylagia and other Back Pain condtions.

   CFIDS FMS Secret Garden of Empathy Preview Go
This is a Journal of my Journey and my life with CFIDS/FMS. It is also a collection of writings and information about CFIDS/FMS.
   My Life with Fibromyalgia Preview Go
This is about my life with fibromyalgia and all the problems and things I have done to coupe with it as well as my personal story about my life.
   Teens with FMS CFS Preview Go
I created this website for other teens with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other related illnesses when I was diagnosed with Fibro and Chronic Fatigue 3 years ago.
   Hamilton Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group NZ Preview Go
This is the Hamilton Cfs/Me/fibromyalgia support group website New Zealand with links and information on the above, and will contain the latest medical research as it becomes available
   Fibromyalgia and Me Preview Go
This page is the first of now many. As time goes on it's apparent we need more public awareness to find a cause and cure.
   CFIDS and FMS Awareness Day 2006 Preview Go
For May 12 Awareness day 2006, with explanations to both syndromes.

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