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Freshwater Aquariums - Dedicated to all freshwater aquarium keepers, as well as any resources specific to freshwater aquariums.

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Freshwater Aquariums

 Main ring: Aquariums and Fish. Subrings: Freshwater Aquariums   Saltwater Aquariums   Brackish Water Aquariums   Angelfish   Bass   Betta Splendens   Carp   Catfish   Cichlid   Discus   Koi   Seahorse   Shark   Trout   Triop   Walleye   Aquarium Plantkeeping   Salmon   Sturgeon  
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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Dedicated to all freshwater aquarium keepers, as well as any resources specific to freshwater aquariums.

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   Justin's Pond Preview Go
Devotion to Ponds, Koi, Japanese Nishikigoi, Carp, Goldfish, etc. -- Make your pond famous! Apply for The Pond Award; see my pond and fish.
   Paul's Malawi Cichlids Preview Go
This site focuses on the West African Cichlids of Lake Malawi. I want to share with other fish keepers some of what I have learned about keeping these beautiful and fascinating fish.
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A place for people to talk and learn about lionfish. Site also contains a forum for all types of fish, both salt and freshwater.

   Yvonne's Aquariums Preview Go
A site full of information and pictures about my fish and plants. Including discus, tetras, catfish, cichilds, bettas and others.
   Walter's Vivarium - Home Preview Go
Mostly photos, tons of high quality photos. Includes: Construction, Scenery, Plants, Betta Splendens, African Clawed Frog, and Freshwater Clam.
   Renates Seiten! - Aquaristik Preview Go
Information on freshwater - Aquarium (technology, people, diseases)
   Aquarium Enthusiasts Preview Go
Everything about freshwater fishkeeping. You may also submit your articles.
   The Oscar Study Page Preview Go
The Oldest and Most Respected Species-specific Aquaria Website on the Internet
   Fish tanks N plants Preview Go
My site covers all topics that I've had to learn in raising and breeding my aquarium fish, from breeding Betta splendens to raising live food cultures.
   Our Cichlids Pages Preview Go
About our cichlids

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