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The Fashion & Culture Webring - For the Love of Fashion. Personal web sites of Fashion Fans and Fashion Industry Professionals. Fashion Designers, Fashi

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The Fashion & Culture Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
For the Love of Fashion. Personal web sites of Fashion Fans and Fashion Industry Professionals. Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Make up artists, Hair Stylists, Photographers and Models. - - - - - Dance, art, music and other "cultural" websites are also welcome in this ring. Gothic fashion sites are also encouraged to join. - - - - - The logo is "Succubus in Corset" by Charles Alexander Moffat of the Lilith Gallery.

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   The Corset Waist Preview Go
A waist is a terrible thing to waste...
   The Bikini turns 60! Preview Go
1946 to 2006: 60 Years of Bikini Bathing Beauties!
   Chastity Belts & Corsets: The Next THING in Fashion? Preview Go
Chastity Belts & Corsets: The Next THING in Fashion? For several years now women have been seeing corsets becoming more and more popular. Why? For two reasons: #1. Its now considered to be sexual fun-ware. #2. It is the standard garb for goths. But what about this other antiquated piece of "fashion"? If you can even call Chastity Belts "fashion"...?

The sequel to "How To Dance Gothic"! Take a look and bone up your repertoire!
   How to Dance Gothic Preview Go
Get your sexy gothic ass out on the dance floor and learn how to dance gothic!
   Russ Meyer: The Father of Softcore Erotica Preview Go
In addition to coining the words "softcore" and "hardcore", Russ Meyer was a war photographer, director, writer, sexual revolutionary, cameraman and movie producer of some of the greatest movies of the 20th Century. He invented softcore porn movies, and is considered to be one of the greatest movie directors of all time. He turned professional strippers into actors and showcased what he loved: BIG TITS.
   Ancient Oak Farms Patchworks Preview Go
At Ancient Oak Farms we Specialize in Homemade Patchwork Clothing for Any Ocassion...Whether it be pants, skirts, shorts, tops, or dresses, we got something that you are sure to look wonderful and unique in....All clothing is one of a kind and you will never see the same piece twice because at Ancient Oak Farms we Love Individuality...
   Walmart Sweatshops Around the Globe Preview Go
Walmart uses Sweatshop (slave) labour in China, Taiwan, Honduras, Mexico, Bangladesh, India and many other countries. The workers are usually women, sometimes even children. They are beaten, forced to work 7 days a week and make everything from toys to clothes to computer products.
   Anorexia Preview Go
Fashion Icons, Supermodels, Skeletons & the Supersized Culture of America.
   Dissatisfaction with Our Bodies and Eating Disorders Preview Go
How our culture, through images of the media, portrays an unhealthy body standard for American women to live up to. As the full-figured female body was replaced by the ultra-thin, yet toned body, our country saw an increase in eating disorders and a preoccupation with obesity.

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