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Crossover Fanfiction - All fan fiction that crosses two or more fandoms is welcome here!

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Crossover Fanfiction

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Manager: genessa
All fan fiction that crosses two or more fandoms is welcome here!

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   genessa -- junk! Preview Go
JUNK, crossover fanfiction merging the worlds of The Professionals (British cop/spy show from past decades) and Quantum Leap (American time travel show from 1990s. Sam leaps into London in the 1980s, right into the custody of a not-too-sympathetic Doyle and Body....
   Tales From the Script Preview Go
KaraB's page with her complete collection of Fan Fiction on it. Includes: Alias, Andromeda, Bones, Crossovers, EFC, Fantastic Four, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes, House, JAG, LFN, Law and Order SVU, Lord of the Rings, M*A*S*H, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Practice, Pretender, Sentinel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Tru

   Home Sweet Home Preview Go
Home of my Stargate SG1 fan fiction. Gen, AU's, Crossovers, Humor, a little angst.
   Teri's Crossover Fan Fiction Library Preview Go
Crossover Stories of Multiple Fandoms and Stand-Alone Stargate and Buffy Stories written by Teri. This site also host the CrossGate Links List, a site dedicated to finding good Stargate Crossovers. Please Visit.
   Enchanted...Labyrinth Preview Go
What if Jareth was no longer the Goblin King? What if he didn't remember what (or rather who) happened to his kingdom? Jareth is a changed man, we still see the same character that we all love, but not so bitter anymore. He resides in a different world; a new magical place. This is NOT a Jareth/Sarah romance... This is actually more of a crossover

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