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Fan Fiction - This webring is for Science Fiction and Fantasy fan fiction directories, archives, writers' sites, or other sites with

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Fan Fiction

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This webring is for Science Fiction and Fantasy fan fiction directories, archives, writers' sites, or other sites with fanfic. Good, well written and well designed sites covering any aspect of science fiction or fantasy welcome.









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   Real Doctor Who Fans Forum Preview Go
A forum for Doctor Who Fans with weekly fiction, episode guides and latest news.
   The Fanfiction Chronicle Preview Go
A website that hosts anime fanfiction from both myself and others. If you have an anime fanfic come on in and submit it! Onegai? ^__^
   genessa -- junk! Preview Go
JUNK, crossover fanfiction merging the worlds of The Professionals (British cop/spy show from past decades) and Quantum Leap (American time travel show from 1990s. Sam leaps into London in the 1980s, right into the custody of a not-too-sympathetic Doyle and Body....

   The Data Annex Fan Fiction Archive Preview Go
An all fandom archive. Buffy, Highlander, X-Men, Pretender, Angel, Due South, Crossovers and more. Accepts submissions.
   The Twins' Web Site Preview Go
Contains fanfiction for Highlander, Invisible Man, Champions, Sentinel, Friends, Kindred, Poltergesit the Legacy and more. Home to Highlander the fanfic season.
   Dork & Spaz Productions Preview Go
Crossover/fusion fanfiction...takes place in a mostly Star Trek universe, but crosses over anime heavily in the later stories, Star Wars a little bit, and whatever else we can cram into the mix! ^_^
   Dreaming Moon-Tales of the Genie Senshi Preview Go
Sailor Moon Fanfic/RPG where the Senshi are redone as genies.
   The Sleepy Hollow Fan Fiction Site Preview Go
This site is devoted to Sleepy Hollow fan fiction, both gen and (clean) slash. Also included is SH-related humor and poetry. Close Your Eyes... Say Your Prayers... Sleep If You Can.
   V: The Visitors' Revenge. A RPG for everyone to enjoy. Preview Go
There has never been a war quite as horrific as the one Earth fought against the Sirrian race. Their leaders, Diana in particular, corrupted and murdered for resources humans need to survive. The humans were finally victorious and defeated the aliens. Or so it seemed...? The Sirrians are back, and they want revenge. Come rejoin the Resistance, and fight the second bat
   .manga universe. Preview Go
Here you'll find anime fanfiction and art! ^.^ Come visit!

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