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Essentia - Essentia is a unique site that unifies Spirituality with the culture of the 90's. In the coming Millennium we believe ma

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Essentia is a unique site that unifies Spirituality with the culture of the 90's. In the coming Millennium we believe mainstream beliefs, New Age Culture, 60s/70s Culture, CyberCulture and Rave Culture will fuse into a new mindset seeking enlightenment, personal well-being and intense interconnectivity with all like-minded individuals. The Essentia Web Ring a primary contact point for this and is dedicated to promoting spirituality, enlightenment, culture and a personal sense of well-being.

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   Eevolutionary Spirituality Preview Go
Short essay on Evolutionary Spirituality, with links to several free books based upon Evolutionary / Revolutionary Spirituality.
   MoonCat's Astrology Preview Go
A beautiful, fun and informative vision of Astrology. Uplifting Sign profiles, Zodiac Sign Language for Lovers, Tour of the Planets, monthly Newsletter with Future Forecast for Love, Moon Sign & Planetary Aspect Calendars, Healing, Positive Chart Readings and Consultations by Danielle, Illustrated or e-mail Tarot & Psychic Readings, books, decks, Tarot Series, articles
   Meditating in America Preview Go
Meditation and spiritual growth sharing site. Free advice, internet research and a link for Karma Yoga spiritual philanthropy are offered.

   Essentia Web Ring - Gateway to Essentia Preview Go
The Essentia Website is dedicated to promoting enlightenment and a personal sense of well-being.  The broad content in this site will hopefully interest and inspire you, and we welcome you to return here often to find new insights and perspective, and to center your self.  We will be constantly unifying this site into a unique world and we invite you participate in any way you wish%2
   Pathways To Eden Preview Go
All things metaphysical and soul related. Guided site for discovery and discussion of all things spiritual, alternative healing therapies and remedies. Learn to heal your mind, body and soul. Several wellness categories. Reiki, meditation, prayer, online distant healing, human kindness.
   Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening Preview Go
YOU CAN GROW! - We nurture ourselves as we nurture our gardens, renewing our connection with the earth and her beauty, thereby reducing stress on the world's finite resources, and strengthening our community as a whole in the process - we can pool our enthusiasm, our resources, our knowledge, and, together, we can grow. Extensive information about Organic Gardening, Soi
   gibbsonline.com Preview Go
Gibbsonline.com explores the nature of psychological change, what it is, how it comes about, and what interfers with accessing,maintaining and sustaining it. Ideas from philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and the esoteric occult are synthesized.
   A.Com Anthony Yeo Buddhism Page Preview Go
Golden Award Buddhism Site. Own written page on Buddha's Teachings,About Buddhism Practices & Thailand Buddhism. Include links to all types of Buddhism Practices sites (e.g Theravada,Mahayana, etc..), forum for all to discuss Buddhism, webring, more...
   Mediumship, Mediums, Spirit Readings and Healing Preview Go
You can set up your own personal reading here. We all have an interest in what comes after this life. Do you know? Read through these few short pages, you may gain new insight and may decide to make contact with someone you know.

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