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The Esoteric Masonry Ring - A Ring for Masonic and Non Masonic sites that explain, promote and expound on ancient texts, scrolls and tablets that ha

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The Esoteric Masonry Ring

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Manager: hiram7500
A Ring for Masonic and Non Masonic sites that explain, promote and expound on ancient texts, scrolls and tablets that have contributed to ancient science, math, astrology, geometry and medicine and are connected to the 'brotherhood' or the ancient Mystery Schools. The information must be completely scientific, historical or archeological and is connected to but not necessarily found in the bible.

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   Jesus and John Preview Go
How the invention of the letter 'j' as part of the 26-letter alphabet fits to REVELATION, incl, Chapter and Verse.
   Hiram Abiff, the True King of Egypt,1554BC Preview Go
This site contains detailed and researched information from 'The God who created us' to the probability that Jesus was a Mason. We provide back up links to all of our research.
   The Gnostic Teachings of Jesus Preview Go
"This page contains The basics of the Gnostic teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the secrets the Essenes and the Knights Templar have kept for centuries. It also contains excerpts from the Nag Hammidi Library in Berlin.

   Tarot II Preview Go
The symbolism J and B - mirrors, complements and opposites. The maths of raindrops and light. The sha star.
   Lady and Goat Preview Go
An examination of the geometry beneath much considered occult, esoteric and hermetic.
   Isis Preview Go
Interesting "extended pentagram" geometry applied to the Great Pyramid, Rennes-le-Chateau, the Denderah ceiling et al.
   Forbidden Knowledge Forward Preview Go
The second page of an overview of the larger site. A breakdown of the first few verses in the Hebrew Torah. The next page uncovers the God in Genesis, who - being the leader of the Elohim Gods, threatened and controlled mankind. The next few pages describe how science was practiced by the Babyloians, Persians and Egyptians over 3000 years ago.
   The Amazing Ark of The Covenant Preview Go
This site goes deep into the mysteries of the Ark and It's electrial power. It also covers what the 'fire' on the mountain really was and the angel who spoke to Moses. It also explains the first use of a 'lazer' and who used it. We discover what the Golden Bread of Bezaleel was.
   The Royal Watchers Preview Go
Aldebaran,Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut - Bull, Lion, Eagle and Man. 4s of all sorts:(Tetramorph) Tarot 21, The World, Galen's Humours, the Seasons, 4 horses, Merkabah. A hermetic mess?
   Moses; Prince. King or Master Mason Preview Go
Moses wasn't Hebrew. In addition to this he was a Master of Alchemy and he knew about atoms. He was the first man we know of who used a lazer beam to cut stone. What other secrets did he possess? What princess rescued him from the Nile? Who was his real stepfather?

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