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Elfquest Fan Club Holts Ring - A ring for Elfquest Fan Club Holts. Editors can show off their Holt web pages and potential members can find a Holt that

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Elfquest Fan Club Holts Ring

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Manager: elflovers
A ring for Elfquest Fan Club Holts. Editors can show off their Holt web pages and potential members can find a Holt that suits them.




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   Haven Holt Preview Go
This is an rpg holt based off of our elf-selves. It is a home for friends & family to enjoy an rpg & have fun with it.
   Seascape Holts Preview Go
Deep in the heart of the Amazon (Or was it the Congo?) Jungle, there lies three tribes *Smack* -You can stop being so mysterious, Seth. It freaks people out. Our site is co-operate by three people, so there's three different kinds of tribes you can join. BTW, Pres
   Ivy Holt Preview Go
A ElfQuest Fan Club Holt -- Closed!

   SkyHolt Preview Go
an elfquest style holt telling the story of a seperate colony of elves in the shadowlands, and their struggle to survive
   S.E.T.E.W. Awards 2000 Preview Go
Nows your chance to vote for your favorites in the EQ Holt web community! Voting goes until April 30th, 2000.
   Everwood Holt Preview Go
Ummm... a typical Wolfrider holt based in an Alternate Universe (sorta' like another deminsion and such...) for Role Playing reasons. Will be offering RP through Email and a once a month Chat session. Very new, so no drawings or stories up yet.
   Shapeshifter Holt Preview Go
The Shapeshifter Holt is set in a valley which is little known to humans, and quite safe for the elves that live there. We have a unique, spectacular magic that allows us to shape everything and anything to our wills.
   Ravenbrook Holt Preview Go
Ravenbrook holt is decended from Talltracker, and they bond with giant Ravens. Those who wander into the holt are welcomed as well (but don't bond with ravens). All the information about the holt, members, adoptables, creating your own characters, joining, and more. --- Join us! Wonderful holt offering lots of options!
   The Riverflood Holt Preview Go
This is a fairly new holt open for membership, with plenty of adoptable characters, Human, elf and Troll.
   Deep Valley holt Preview Go
Far into the unending wastes of frozen lands stands a dark mountain, shadowed and terrifying like a nightmare. Yet it stands, holding a green gem to its center, a valley of great beauty. Long has it been wrapped in silence, yet the silence is ending, life is coming back. Who will be there when spring comes? This is a rpg through email/yahoo-groups...s o please feel free to join.

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