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Electronic Music - This ring features websites dealing with the creation and distribution of electronic music, such as ambient, atmospheric

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Electronic Music

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Manager: wr__tj
This ring features websites dealing with the creation and distribution of electronic music, such as ambient, atmospheric, techno, synth pop, space rock, and new-age. Information, magazines, and FAQ's about composition using trackers and MIDI software, synthesizer hardware, and more can also be found here. Websites featured include those of home or professional recording artists, their fans, recording labels, studios, or simply users who wish to offer music in MIDI, MP3 or other formats.


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   TLON Editions Music Publishers Preview Go
Official website for composer Ezequiel Viñao
   Modulator ESP Preview Go
Site of Modulator Experimental Synthesis Project. Dark Ambient Music with Berlin School Sequencing. Music inspired by Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre
   Sakamoto World Preview Go
A site dedicated to Japan's most beloved and best known composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto. Responsible for countless electronic and classical solo albums, he also founded the 80's techno-pop groups YMO and composed soundtracks for such films as "Merry X-Mas Mr. Lawrence" and "The last Emporer." He is undoubtably one of the world's greatest composers/musicians -- a true musical genius.

   Monolith Sound Productions Preview Go
Phonolith is: "Sound architecture"; "Communication in sound"; "Stories between art and chaos, told in the language of sound, catching moments of imagination"; "Not only music but sculptures made of sound"
   Electr-Ohm Label and Distribution Preview Go
Electronic music label and distribution from Kobe, Japan. Electronica, IDM, Abstract, Experimental, Analog Synths, Improvised, Ambient, etc.
   Clockwork Records Preview Go
Electronic/ambient music.
   Steev's Midi Music Page Preview Go
Midi files plus links to Sound Canvas resources and demo sounds.
   Black Note Music Preview Go
Black Note is devoted to electronic shamanic music. Here you will find a wide range of material, from music specifically designed to invoke altered states of consciousness to carefully constructed electronica and raw improvisations. Our label is intended for those rare listeners who want to find truly unique music that defies pre-established boundaries.
   Robin Barber Preview Go
Soundtrack music without the movie. This music weaves together Celtic, Southeast Asian, Western European, and Middle Eastern musical traditions with sounds recorded from nature.
   The Light Beyond Preview Go
MP3s and info about a Czech trip-synth-electronica-band. English, German and Czech versions.

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