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United States Business & Politics - Anything to do with United States business and politics, the economy, rivalries with china, terrorism, war, the bush adm

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United States Business & Politics

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Manager: lilithezine
Anything to do with United States business and politics, the economy, rivalries with china, terrorism, war, the bush administration, clinton, reagan, dick cheney, the cold war, richard nixon, deep throat, war profits, oil profits, the oil industry, the automotive industry, the airline/airplane industry, recession, depression. The United States is currently in a war-induced recession and owes money to the Chinese government. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is booming and we're busy twiddling our fingers and worried about some stupid war in the middle-east when we really should be more concerned about LOSING the trade war against China. And we ARE losing. The United States government is currently over $7 trillion dollars in debt, and much of that debt is actually loaned to us from, you guessed it, China. American business and politics is uniquely glued together due to our capitalist society. The problem is that China is now bigger capitalists than we are. Our car companies are moving to China for cheaper labour and soon the airline industries will follow suit. The only way for us to stay competitive is better education systems, except universities these days are too expensive... so what is to become of the United States when this recession turns into a depression?

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   George Bush Senior and Iraq's Oil Preview Go
George Bush Senior SHOULD have got rid of Saddam Hussein in 1991. Its 13 years too late now and hundreds of thousands of people have died for his stupidity. When Bush Sr. pulled out of Iraq it was for the same reason America pulled out of Vietnam.
   Rotten Marriages Vs. Gay Marriages Preview Go
Marriage and the American dream. From gold-diggers to homosexual marriages, who REALLY deserves to get married?
   American Economy Collapsing Preview Go
Record oil prices, skyrocketing inflation, out of control national debt, the mortgage and credit crisis, the American dollar loses 18% of its value and the American GDP grows only 2.2% in 2007 means only one thing: The US economy has collapsed into a recession.

   American Catastrophes: Preview Go
The Death of Lilith Adler, The Collapse of the Guerrilla Girls, Military Fashion, Tony Bliar and the Hutton Inquiry, George W. Bush, the #1 Sniper Target in America, China Versus America, The Collapse of the American Economy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner to be assassinated by the Israeli Army, Israeli fighter pilots refuse to follow orders, & the United States Budget Deficit
   Victims Of Silence Preview Go
This site mainly discusses & exposes how the catholic church is still covering up for their organized child sex crime ring that is still in operation today & misleads the news media with their own fake victims advocate group that was designed by the Catholic Church to control victims and minimize the church's finacial loss. We also discuss the extremely strong connection the Catholic Church has with the Republican party by using their own lobbying group to pump huge amounts of campaign contributions in exchange to make sure the victims are not successful at getting any extensions on statute of limitations or passing any bills that would hold the Catholic Church accountable for the organized child sex ring that is still in operation today. We also discuse any abuse issue & the politics that allow them to continue
   Climate Change will effect Economy Preview Go
A report by British economist Sir Nicholas Stern suggests that global warming could shrink the global economy by up to 20%.
   The Top Topless Beaches in the World Preview Go
First-rate beaches where bikini tops are optional.
   Toplessness: A Right All Women Deserve Preview Go
"Celebrities go practically topless at the Oscars... so why can't we?"
   The Top 100 Terrorist Targets in the United States Preview Go
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, The First Lady, Mrs Cheney, Oil Pipelines, Banks, Financial Institutions, Gas Stations, Oil Companies, The White House, Air Force One, The Lincoln Memorial, Camp David, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Theme parks, Grand Central Station, shopping malls, Alan Greenspan... no one and no where is safe.
   MBA: The devil's degree? Preview Go
With corporate crime hitting the headlines daily, it's time to ask if our business leaders are being taught how to be soulless?

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