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Fraser/Vecchio - Dedicated to the love and friendship between Constable Benton Fraser and Detective Ray Vecchio of due South.

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Dedicated to the love and friendship between Constable Benton Fraser and Detective Ray Vecchio of due South.

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   Slash Priestess' due South Fan Fiction Preview Go
Slash Priestess'due South stories. Mostly slash featuring Benny and Ray Vecchio Classic; but there are a few other oddities as well.
   Ray Vecchio Fraser Complete Fanzine Listing Preview Go
Come visit and review the list of all gen and slash zines published featuring Ray Vecchio and Fraser. Let us know if we have missed any!
   The Pita Pattern Preview Go
Due South fanfiction

   Innusiq's Due South Site Preview Go
Mainly for the display of fanfiction written by me and a few other odds and ends.
   Armani and Serge Aingeal8c's Due South Fanfic Site Preview Go
A slash site of Due South fanfiction of Fraser/Vecchio. Focuses on S1&2 only.
   Laura Mason's Fan Fiction Preview Go
Due South and Highlander fiction, mostly slash, now hosted on SlashCity. Check my new links section for recommendations on other beloved fanfiction authors and sites.
   Lady Ana's Due South Slash Site Preview Go
Here you will find my slashy stories(rated from G to NC-17) about my favorite DS characters, Detective Ray Vecchio and Constable Benton Fraser. Also, there is a little something for just about every fan of "due South" to enjoy!
   Cicero's Vestibulum Preview Go
Cicero's Vestibulum contains Due South (Ray/Benny), Sherlock Holmes, and Inspector Morse fan fiction, as well as a comprehensive list of Holmes and Morse zines.
   Smer Jih - Czech unofficial Due South Site Preview Go
This site is the greatest site in Czech about Due South. You can find here almost everything (info, audio, video, cast, crew, characters, dabing, fotos, transcripts, message board, guestbook, music, soundtracks, credits, episodes guide, links, fan clubs and more) what can your mind invent. All people are welcome =)
   My Due South Shrine Preview Go
A place for fans of all things Due South. Now with more fan fiction by me!!

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