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Jean Houston On-Line - The purpose of Dromenon, Mystery School, and Jean Houston On-Line is to engender The Passion for the Possible in our hum

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Jean Houston On-Line

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Manager: thetarotwitch
The purpose of "Dromenon", "Mystery School", and "Jean Houston On-Line" is to engender The Passion for the Possible in our human development while discovering ways of transcending and transforming the local self so that extraordinary life can arise! We honor the ancient schools across the world and across history where women and men gathered to explore and decipher the great mysteries and their resonace and application, in order to live more freely and more fully.







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   Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy Preview Go
Joan of Arc's 600th birthday was marked on January 6,2012. A mystic whose life has been misunderstood throughout the centuries since her death, let her voice be heard now, through the historic records of her trial. This nonfiction biography explores her testimony "through the lens" of contemporary, cross-cultural mysticism and documents the pivotal events that unfolded in the historic time-line. I welcome questions and invite discussion related to Joan of Arc, the nature of her mission, the identities of her her visions and voices, and how she interacted with them. Why was she condemned to die at age nineteen, convicted and condemned as a witch and heretic? What message and legacy does she provide for us, as light workers, today?
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Spirit, self, growth beyond ego; an exploration of consciousness and spiritual common sense; also a watchdog/ advocacy platform for the defense of our freedoms.
   Shambhala Global Empowerment Matrix Preview Go
This site is about building a world base on the design principles of Compassionate, Exploration. Freedom, diversity, sustainability, and holistic integration

   A Host of Spirits Preview Go
Dedicated domain name and web hosting for the spiritual world. Owned by IT professionals who are also mediums and psychics.
   Sir Francis Bacon meets the New Advancement of Learning Preview Go
An exploration into the life and work of Sir Francis Bacon with new evidence for his role behind the works of Shakespeare, Don Quixote and Free-masonry.
   DynoWomyn Web Haven Preview Go
A Place for 21st Century Womyn to Explore, Develop, Dialogue, and Reflect. Holistic Integration of Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.

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