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Crackers & Cookie's Dogs Are People Too! - This webring is all about dogs: their rights, their stories, their pictures. Links to sites of interest for all dog love

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Crackers & Cookie's Dogs Are People Too!

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Manager: suezqo2
This webring is all about dogs: their rights, their stories, their pictures. Links to sites of interest for all dog lovers.

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   Finding Miss Tilly Preview Go
The "Dog Story of the Century" about Miss Tilly interweaves the saga. What to do to find a lost pet, and faulty microchip technology for retrieving stolen dogs. Includes ideas on natural dog health, dog games.
   The Puppy Pages Preview Go
A website dedicated to four great dogs...Spirit (a terrier/spaniel), Banzai (a collie/shepherd), Elvis (a terrier/pug), and Max (a pomeranian/yorkie). All four were rescued and you can read each of their stories. And don't forget to sign their guestbook!
   Britney & Teddy's Pom Page Preview Go
Meet Britney & Teddy, who are Pomeranians on the one hand, but people too on the other! :o)

   Boston Terrier Preview Go
Boston Terrier puppys South Carolina
   Lucy the Giant Schnauzer - Isle Of Lucy Preview Go
Lots of great pictures of Lucy the Giant Schnauzer as she goes about her days, along with Giant Schnauzer info, articles, statistics, genetics, videoclips, weight pulling, comics, protection signs, other great "Giant Stuff" and much, much, more! Home of Liefhond's Smoky Mountain Hi TT, CGC.
   Weimaraner Nation: Join the Revolution! Preview Go
Do you speak Weimaraner? If so, then join the Weimaraner Revolution! Weimaraner Nation graphic tee's/illustrations will make perfect gifts for the Weimaraner lover!
   Samantha Baxendale's Very Own Doggie Homepage Preview Go
Hi... My name is Sammy, and I am the world's one and only ever Baxendale Terrier. I am gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Come visit my homepage and see for yourself!
   Dog History and Domestication Preview Go
Information about the ancestry and domestication of mans best friend. Interesting for all dog lovers of every breed.
   Desert Willow Aussies Preview Go
Desert Willow Aussies is an established kennel that has strived to keep this wonderful breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. Hall of Fame and Championship ancestry in our time proven bloodlines produce incredible well-bred family companions that excell in the show ring and working fields as well.
   Joćo Ridgley do Eshabeta II Preview Go
This is an all inclusive Website dedicated to the betterment of the Fila Brasileiro (Fee-la Bra-sill-YERO). This site has been made possible by enthusiast alike to assist with proper ownership & responsibilities, behavior, training, feeding, veterinary care, mental wellness, canine tricks & games, health, dog bite law & dangerous dogs act, advice, breed info, faqs, big dog supplies & much more.

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