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The Discernment Web Ring - Christian sites that discern whether the good spirit (the influence of God, the Church, one's soul) or the bad spirit (t

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The Discernment Web Ring

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Christian sites that discern whether the good spirit (the influence of God, the Church, one's soul) or the bad spirit (the influence of Satan, the world, the flesh) is at work. Subjects include: the Third Wave movement; oneness denominations; false leaders; false televangelists; Seventh-day Adventists; cults in general; false religions and their beliefs; problems within Roman Catholicism and Mormonism; how the evolution debate misuses science; and how atheism has warped world cultures.



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   What Do Christians Mean By Discernment? Preview Go
A discussion of what the term 'Discernment' means in the Christian context. Its historical definition and modern interpretation.
   Evangelist Scandals Preview Go
Summary of scandals related to Christian evangelists since 2000.
   Marketing Christ Preview Go
"Virtually all contemporary Christian marketing pays lip service to Jesus Christ but is focused on the people in the pews. It is primarily concerned with noses and nickels related to particular institutions. It lobbies against preaching or sharing any biblical truth that has a hard edge, that will make people uncomfortable, or that may be difficult to understand. And, like it or not, biblical truth will make us all uncomfortable. It's supposed to!

   Ministry Watch Preview Go
An independent evangelical Christian organization whose purpose is to review Christian ministries for financial accountability and transparency, and to provide independent advice to Christians considering making donations to them.
   The Burden To Contend For The Faith Preview Go
The Book of Jude is a warning against apostasy and apostates. Perhaps the biggest reason people join cults is the Church failed to love them, teach them, and ground them in Jesus Christ.
   Christian Discernment: A Practical Definition Preview Go
What is really involved in Christian discernment? Is it something mystical? An inner sense? Or is it more practical than that? Here are the three Ds that define discernment and make it practical in everyday life.
   Overcome the Powers of Darkness! Preview Go
Three books which changed my life - Defeating Dark Angels, Two Hours to Freedom and I Give You Authority by Charles Craft.
   Doctrines of Atheism Preview Go
After years of debating atheists, Michael Shoesmith outlines five discernable doctrines contained within the religion of Atheism.
   The Narrow Road Preview Go
Personal website dedicated to Yahshua Messiah-Jesus Christ-Lord and Savior, with gallerys, blogs, scripture, videos, and info pages. My goal is to always seek truth, with wisdom, and I am committed to sharing the amazing love of our Heavenly Father & the eternal Gospel of the Lamb. May your heart and mind always be filled with the love of Yahshua, Lord and Savior.
   Is Satan winning? Preview Go
Where is God as Satan wins the battle for the hearts, minds and souls of man?

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