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The Diplomacy Ring - The Diplomacy Ring is for players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy. Brought to you by The Diplomatic Pouch, http://www

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The Diplomacy Ring

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Manager: dippouch
The Diplomacy Ring is for players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy. Brought to you by The Diplomatic Pouch, http://www.diplom.org.

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   Dutch Diplomacy Association Preview Go
Website dedicated to F2F play in the Netherlands
   Shorthand, The Diplomacy Press Variant Preview Go
Shorthand is an option for playing the game Diplomacy where messages between players are restricted to a simple code for example F proposes G ally target A
   Diplomacy Polder Preview Go
Here you can learn everything about the game Diplomacy of the Avalon Hill Company. You can learn the rules so you can play FTF. I will also learn you how to play the game by e-mail.

   La Esperanton-lingvo Diplomatio Loko (The Esperanto-lan Preview Go
   Jan's Diplomacy Seite Preview Go
Private Homepage zum Thema Diplomacy. Highlight: Crystal Ball von Manus Hand. Hier sind Links zu Partien, die von mir geleitet werden und die ich spiele.
   ARMADA Preview Go
The Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries is just that. The ARMADA hosts annual tournaments from its Denver base (including the North American Championship in 2001) and providing face-to-face and Web/e-mail competition for its members.
   Absolute Online Preview Go
Web site for the play by mail Diplomacy Zine. Also many Dipdom hobby links, as well as a few links of interest of the Editor.
   Realpolitik Preview Go
Realpolitik is a Open Source Diplomacy viewer and adjudicator for Mac OS and Windows, created by Jim Van Verth. Go here to download the latest release, source files, and variant file plugins.
   ABSOLUTE! Diplomacy Zine Preview Go
Web page for postal diplomacy zine, akanewsletter, published in NJNew Jersey Diplomacy zine for game of DIPLOMACY, (Avalon Hill, Co).
   The Global Diplomacy Homepage Preview Go
Six-player global variant in 22nd century WWIII. Air forces and nuclear weapons plus standard rules. New map, of course. Near final version of beta-testing variant.

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