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Democratic Activists Online - An online web ring of Democratic sites both official and not. Unions, civil rights groups, anti-Bush sites, environmenta

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Democratic Activists Online

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Manager: theodora_maffat
An online web ring of Democratic sites both official and not. Unions, civil rights groups, anti-Bush sites, environmental groups are also welcome. The more grassroots the better. Let us rebuild the huge Democratic majority coalition!

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   Lawmakers profiting from the war? Preview Go
Have you ever wondered if our elected officials, the lawmakers of this nation could actually make money from the war efforts. Have you ever wondered how your elected officials voted on your behalf? Now is the time for answers. Please make good use of this site.
   Susan's Personal Political Page Preview Go
A fun and cool personal webpage of a NDP intern dedicated to getting the Presidency back to the people!! Lets get going in 2004!
   The Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny Preview Go
A future for the entire world, free of economic upheaval, war, and pollution, with no unjust encroachment upon any living thing, Earth finally enjoying race and culture preservation, absolute individual liberty, prosperity, and peace among separate sovereign nations competing in a free world market.

   Flush Bush in 2004! Preview Go
Postings and commentary on the downfall of a dummy... (And on what's really important for our future!)
   Kerry Supporters in Snohomish County WA Preview Go
Learn about John Kerry, times and places of area events, conventions and opportunities to support John Kerry for President
   The Genius of Bill Clinton Preview Go
A description and analysis of the talents and abilities of Bill Clinton from his childhood through his time in the White House.
   Vote Democratic in 2002 Preview Go
Vote Democratic in 2002 and 2004! This site has some democratic information, how to help the democratic cause, and some comics about the Bush administration and the GOP
   What is liberalism? The freedom FAQ Preview Go
Frequently asked questions about liberalism and progressive politics. Lots of info on a variety of issues, debunkings of many conservative myths. Especially check out "State Issues" for media contacts, forums, and chat rooms in swing states, for online activism.
   Common Nonsense Preview Go
Observations of common human intelligence failures.
   Hookup for Dean Preview Go
Help Howard Dean defeat Dubya in 2004! Also, have sex.

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