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Cryptozoology - Cryptozoology is the study of animals hidden from mainstream zoology. Cryptozoologists spend time searching for animals

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Cryptozoology is the study of animals "hidden" from mainstream zoology. Cryptozoologists spend time searching for animals reported around the world but not yet identified as a real animal. Enjoy surfing this rirng to see what animals people believe exist even when others deny their existence.



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   Welcome to my Cryptozoology Web Page!!! Preview Go
The oceans are vast and deep. Creatures that you only dream about could exist in the deepest parts of the ocean. This is my web site of strange and rare animals of the deep.
   Digest ezine Preview Go
a ezine that explores the strange and mysterious with photos and sound effects
   The Cryptodominion; home of hidden animals Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Welcome to the cryptodominion, a site devoted to informing the public about the members of the animal kingdom which remain unclassified. Contrary to popular misconception, the faunal lists are far from complete, and new animals, large and small, are still being discovered.

   Gummerfan's Monster Hunter HQ Preview 1 review(s) — Go
news, views, & opinions on the topics of cryptozoology, the paranormal, Fortean phenomena, high strangeness and heavy weirdness, presented with a humorous perspective
   Cryptozoology, The Truth from The Highland Tiger Preview Go
In a small cave in the far north of the Scottish Highlands is the lair of The Highland Tiger. With no affiliation to any cryptozoological organisation, I'll always ask the awkward questions that some cryptozoologists would rather not answer

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