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Cockatoos - The cockatoo family consists of 21 species. These birds are found in the Australasian geographical region that includes

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The cockatoo family consists of 21 species. These birds are found in the Australasian geographical region that includes Australia, Philippines, Eastern Indonesia islands, to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. They’re among the largest of the parrots with the exception of the smallest member of the family, the cockatiel. Cockatoos have mostly black, gray, white, and perhaps a patch of orange or yellow on their crest. Pet owners cherish these birds for their personalities and talking ability. The farmers in their native lands consider them major pests of crops. Cockatoos is a collection of web sites providing information on maintaining these birds as pets, and their breeding practices. Potential cockatoo owners should study this group of web sites to learn all you can before making this purchase. Everyone from the potential pet owner to someone with an interest in Tropical birds will enjoy surfing this webring.


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