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Circle of Dragons - This is the Circle of Dragons. Only sites that have pages on Dragons may join. From serious Dragon information to Dragon

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Circle of Dragons

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Manager: enchanted
This is the Circle of Dragons. Only sites that have pages on Dragons may join. From serious Dragon information to Dragon stories or poetry to Dragon Art to Pern sites and games, you are welcome. Sites that have only "adopted" Dragons should join the Circle of Malathar's Dragons instead, (ring=malathar)

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   Flame Stryke's Lair Preview Go
Info by a dragon, about dragons, for dragons.
   Mythical Beings Preview Go
Interesting facts on mythical creatures with some original graphics created by MOI!!
   Dragonlover Preview Go
Collection of dragon pictures, poetry, and orginal fantasy cross stitch patterns developed and stitched by me.

   Wild Sea Weyr Preview Go
Weyrwoman Allanor and her weyrmate G'rot have founded the flourishing Wild Sea Weyr and are now accepting riders and candidates! This is a Neopets based roleplaying guild. We have clutches, fire lizard hatchings, flights, feline hunts, runner races and much more!
   Dragonology Preview Go
This website is for new dragonologists who need to be introduced to their new career.
   Dragons Den Preview Go
This is a website where people can find all kind of gifs. There are links to other websites also. Great place to kick back and chill.
   High Reaches Weyr Preview Go
High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass, is a role-playing and writing group based at the end of the first Long Interval on Pern. There are only three existing Weyrs, but their numbers are growing, and an old Weyr has to be reopened: High Reaches. But the Lords are not happy, and many across Pern doubt whether Thread will return. Welcome to High Reaches, and a new beginning!
   Mystical Encounters Preview Go
Where dragons feed and play, frolick and bound. Where unicorns dance and faeries sing.
   My web rings Preview Go
dragon lover's galore!
   Vox Draconis - Dedicated to Dragon Magick Preview Go
This site came about due to the sheer frustration I was going trough trying to gleen even the tiniest scraps useful information out of many a book and website most of it all being very similar if not the same. I thought it was about time that the following the path of the dragon could be made a little bit easier so here is the result of all those hours reading and spell weaving, Vox Draconis%2

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