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Electronics as a Hobby - Electronics as a hobby

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Electronics as a Hobby

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Manager: nsfetcu
Electronics as a hobby

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   theByteFactory - Microchip Consultant Program member Preview Go
FREE PICmicro bootloaders with C source code included! Microchip PIC is our microcontroller of choice after more than a decade of firmware development. The PICmicro combined with the highly optimized PIC-C Compiler that we use has proven to be extremely affective in all stages of development from concept feasibility to product delivery. Visit the site for more information.
   index Preview Go
I have been interested in electronics for 30+ years now. I have built all kinds of high voltage projects. I used to talk on the C.B. radio in the 70's and 80's. You may remember me as stargazer or bodysnatcher. I used to live in the Bronx, near Yankee Stadium. I am now affiliated with Carl's Electronics.
   Microcontrollers and Robot Preview Go
If you are starting to learn Electronics , microcontrollers or robotics and want to know more about these amazing fields, you have come to right place Driver circuit is based on AT89C2051 Microcontroller and capable driving two stepper Motors. Suply voltage 12 volts DC . as step and direction Complete Plotting Machines.This machine is coverted by a printer.

   DIY electronics circuit Preview Go
DIY electronics circuit.
   Software and Hardware Resources Preview Go
Embedded Systems Development Resources: PIC Projects, GPS, Technical notes, source code examples, and more. Collection of my PIC MCU projects, describes an in-circuit serial programmer for PIC16F87X, GPS Logger, source code examples...
   High Voltage Capacitors for Tube Radios and TV's Preview Go
Sells high voltage film and electrolytic capacitors / condensers for vintage tube radios, TV's, Hi-Fi's, amplifiers, etc. This site has some practical "Capacitor Tips" for the beginner.
   Electronics usefull DIY, blog, microcontrollers. Preview Go
Everything from PCB design to placing soldering and programming, tutorials, Linux. From PIC microcontrollers, Arduino all the way to ARM programming.
   Arduino projects blog Preview Go
Blog contains various Arduino-related projects, released as free software/hardware
   il mio sito di elettronica Preview Go
Questo sito raccoglie una piccola lista di progetti molto interessanti
   Wal's Web Preview Go
This is the place where I document and describe some of my personal projects mostly in Electronics, Robotics and Model Rocketry. I do this on the web to share with other like-minded folks. I hope you get some value out of the stuff here.

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