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The Ring of Chivalry - A CHIVALRY ring for chivalrous people who have an interest in medieval times, Arthurian legend, knights, wizards, kingdo

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The Ring of Chivalry

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A CHIVALRY ring for chivalrous people who have an interest in medieval times, Arthurian legend, knights, wizards, kingdoms, castles, swords, armor, Old English, and of course, chivalry. Stores or businesses are also able to join this webring. Historical content is prefered.

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   Mordred: Independent film & Arthurian stage show, UK Preview Go
A gritty, dark tale, Mordred is an Arthurian-era drama, heavily influenced by the earliest legends of Mordred, who is traditionally seen as King Arthur's arch-nemesis, and illegitimate son. In the earlier legends, Mordred is much more of an ambiguous character, and not pure evil, as in modern re-tellings, this film tells of the legends, from Mordred's point of view. This drama is set in the 530s, against the backdrop of the Saxon invasions, heavily influenced by Celtic legends and Druidic traditions, and the earliest tales of Arthur, and his followers. The film will be made across South West England, with as much use as possible of actual Arthurian locations, and ancient sites, in Devon and Cornwall. Join us to find out more - or even to become involved!
   TherionArms Preview Go
World Antique and Fine Reproduction Arms & Armor
   Welcome To Ulrickastle! Preview Go
Ulrickastle - Place of medieval myst, Arthurian Legends, Lore, Knights Kastles, Dragons, Camelot, Merlin, Renaissance, Art, Awards, Poetry, Music, Remembrance of Columbine from an alumni, favourite links, More! The Baron Awaits thy visit to Ulrickastle!

   Renaissance Clothing by Designs by Kate Preview Go
Well made clothing for the gentleman, from peasant to peer. Specializing in capes, cloaks, and regal doublets. Also shirts, breeches, leines, jerkins, hooded robes, monk ensembles, caps, buttons, clasps, feathers and much more.
   Aaron's -Knights and Chivalry- Homepage Preview Go
A site devoted to all things 'knightly and chivalrous.'
   Wulf's Lair Preview Go
Webring portal to the Wulf's Lair, personal site of Warwulf. Many games, stories, quizes, and a journal. Live and Love in Honor.
   ChivalryDaze Preview Go
I love to read & collect just about anything that has to do with Medieval or Renaissance history. I also like to 'play' history through partaking in historical reenactment. This includes (but is not limited to) going to Renaissance Faires, Highland Games, & Celtic Faires. I have participated as a paid guest & also as part of the entertainment. I have participated in reen
   Weapons with honor. Preview Go
Weapons with honor, honors a different world where the weapon of choice was a sword or a dagger and swords were drawn reluctantly.
   Medieval Castles By Build Model Castles Preview Go
Castle building made fun with these easy to build plans. Bring medieval history to life with scale model plans of these great castles. Each castle plan comes with a brief history of the castle, and easy to understand plans.
   Fyre and Ice Chainmaille Preview Go
Metal fashions and jewelry from the exotic to the chaotic. Serving the Goth, Vamp, Fetish, Faire, Biker, Celtic, Alternative and Clubbing communities since 1998. We offer a diverse line of custom jewelry and chain maille items, come in and browse. Whether this is your first adventure, or a continuing journey, let us craft the perfect chain maille design for you.

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