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American Presidential Election 2004 - American Presidential Election 2004 Web Ring is dedicated to bringing together a community of web sites with an interest

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American Presidential Election 2004

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American Presidential Election 2004 Web Ring is dedicated to bringing together a community of web sites with an interest in the Presidential campaigns and elections of 2004. We advocate disembowlig the regime of globalists and corporate corruption that has seized control of our America. We are non-partisian in that there is NO difference in the agendas of either of the major political parties. George W. Bush and John F. Kerry are both representative of the same exclusive, restrictive aristocratic class who own more loyalty to their transnational class than to their country or their people, wrapped in different skins. Individual member sites might advocate for one candidate or another, but APE 2004 holds out hope that a true American Statesman capable of leading America back to her founding principles and prosperity will pierce the darkness like a ray of sunshine before our ballots must be cast in November 2004. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is not the American way nor should it be the hope for our future.

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