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Burning Man Official WebRing -   WELCOME!?!? To the Official Burning Man WebRing!! Said person does not go to Burning Man! Said head makes a wande

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Burning Man Official WebRing

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Manager: lori4him2

WELCOME!?!? To the Official Burning Man WebRing!!

Said person does not "go" to Burning Man! Said head makes a wander to the place of fire where all things exist only to be experienced, enjoyed, and eventually burned!!

The "Ring of Fire is your ticket to a wander of the camps, art?, characters, my sister-in-law, and the strange brew of stuff that is Black Rock City!!

This ring although a wonderful rememberence of said event is but a poor substitute for the poor soul that will have to but wonder about the wander that is BURNING MAN!!!

Miss Tress Lori Indestress, ring owner and tender of the cooling embers!


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   Welcome Home: A Burning Man Film Preview Go
"Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man" is a documentary film project by Nick Topolos and Paul D. Carey that will explore the ideas of home and how people create a home in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, during the annual Burning Man event. We expect this project to take several years to complete. We are currently seeking input from people who create homes at Burning Man
   camp love potion photos Preview Go
photos from camp love potion at burningman, 2001-2003.
   Playa Mural Project Preview Go
The Playa Mural Project is one burning woman's effort to understand and explore her expereince on the playa. Come, share your memories of the playa with me and with others, or just find us on the playa in '99!

   Apocalyptic Herrings Preview Go
A camp/installation/(whatever this is turning into) inspired by an "artistic war" on ePlaya with a respectfully satirical focus on Norse culture, a discussion of how common referents can help add to the cohesiveness of a participatory community founded on art, and more.
   Click the pictures to see Tian's Burning Man 2003! Preview Go
I hung out a Literal & Creed with Ish, a Division of Group W. That's on here. A lot of the people that dropped by posed for me, and they are on this site to. Some of the eye catching things I saw wandering around are also here. Then, if you find the secret doors, there are all sorts of other "adventures" I've been through to check out. I hope you enjoy visiting...

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