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Brain Tumor Support Groups WebRing - This Support Group brings together information that has not been readily available to those being treated in the medical

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Brain Tumor Support Groups WebRing

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This Support Group brings together information that has not been readily available to those being treated in the medical mainstream. The scientific health community has resources, information and facts that will help anyone that is suffering with tumors, cancer and other degenerative disease in the body. Find out more today.

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   Natural Cures and Powerful Medicines Preview Go
Helpful resources to further education on the truth about cancer and tumors. Research is your best choice in learning how the body works and how to best approach ridding the body of disease.
   Benzene Exposure Linked to Blood Changes Preview Go
Benzene is found in our environment daily. Many have had an overexposure due to the work they have done during their lives. Education is the Key to good health.
   Are Needle Biopsies Safe? Preview Go
James Ewing, the dean of American cancer pathologists, explicitly condemned puncturing unbroken skin for the purpose of sampling deeper lesions. He wrote: "It is especially to be avoided with...tumors of the breast, and all growths in which incisions of the skin involve also incisions through the tumor capsule"

   Integrative Medicine Preview Go
Learn how you work WITH your health care provider. Working together for safe solutions for you and your family.
   The Drug Story Preview Go
I firmly believe that if the whole materia Medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.
   Cancer Research a Fraud? Preview Go
It has now been brought to the attention of the nation that the Cancer Research being done is a fraud. Simple, safe and effective solutions for Cancer is available. Get the Facts.
   The Truth about Cancer Preview Go
Understanding Cancer Cells is the first step in destroying them.
   Understanding CANCER Preview Go
To effectively fight an enemy we must learn the enemy's strengths, but more important, its weaknesses. The medical mainstream can not release this information until appox. 2011. Families deserve this information NOW.
   Cesium to prevent and stop Cancer Preview Go
Learn how Cesium can raise the pH of the body safely and quickly. Cancer can not survive in a high alkaline environment. The more you learn the safer you will be.
   Acrylamide Causes Cancer Preview Go
Find out what foods you may be exposing you and your familiy to that may be cancer causing.

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